Water Wubble for Summer Fun

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Water balloon fights are awesome, but are not fun to clean up after, and a few people always get stuck making a ton of balloons (and those knots….blah).  An easy work around is the new Water Wubble.  The Water Wubble is a new water based Wubble (the latest toy in the Wubble family) which is able to be filled with water from the pool, faucet, ocean, or hose easily and quickly. It easily seals up after filling.  When it is thrown, it hits your target with a splash and can be refilled again and again for loads of fun. No knots required.

We have found the Water Wubble is easy to fill in the pool, at the beach and the hose all just the same.   These are a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love a water fight in the heat of the summer?  These make perfect grenades that explode water everywhere when they burst.  Water Wubbles would be perfect where each team has a bucket of water and Water Wubbles (they come in different colors) to go along with various water guns.  But of course the real winner of the water gun fight is Mom, because she was smart and kept the hose on after filling the Water Wubbles and now turned it on the kiddos (LOL).

The coolest part of the Water Wubble is by far its re-usability.  Each Wubble can be filled hundreds of times and seal up easily and can be used again and again.

The Water Wubble is the newest addition to the family fun Wubble line of products which all include filling a Wubble with air, water, or helium and make for extremely fun times.  On the land or in the sea, the more Wubbles you have no matter which kind, the more fun you have as well.  The Water Wubble is available online directly from the Wubble website, Walmart, Target and ToysRUs.  The Water Wubble retails for $14.99.

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