7 Essential Items When Packing for a Cruise

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Traveling by cruise ship is a unique and exciting way to travel the globe. But while your bags may be burgeoning at the seams, you may still have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something important. No matter if you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re venturing on a cruise as a novice, the following are 7 essentials you won’t want to leave home without.

Proper ID

There is such excitement in visiting places that you’ve always wanted to travel. Whether it’s flying down the San Gabriel Mountains by zipline or traveling to exotic ports, you’re going to need the right identification during your cruise. A passport is one of the most important pieces of identification as it’s necessary when traveling abroad. It’s also accepted at airports within the United States. Birth certificates and a driver’s license are other important forms of identification. While you want to take the originals with you, you want to make a copy of everything and leave them at home. In case of an emergency, you can have a family member or friend fax or email you the copied documentation.

Carry-on Bag

Cruising excursions are one of the most exciting parts of the ship experience as it allows you to see various parts of the world through the port stops. But certain aspects of the adventure can result in a cruise ship injury to the passengers on the trip. Whether the accident was financial, mental or physical, an injury attorney can help you seek compensation to cope with the issues you may experience. Since you may have to wait for your primary luggage to get delivered to your state room, you can come prepared by having a carry-on bag with some of the essentials. This includes medication, sunscreen, reading material, first aid kit and water. When you’re looking for a handy tote to take with you on your port excursions, you’ll also have a small bag to store your souvenirs in.

Sun Block

First-time cruisers typically remember important essentials such as hats and sunglasses. But if you’re planning on venturing to tropical destinations, you’ll want to bring plenty of sun block. Choose something 30 SPF and above. The lotion should also be waterproof in case you go swimming. Your lips will also need sun protection. Lip balms with SPF can protect your mouth from blisters. The balm will also soothe chapped lips caused by the wind.

First-Aid Essentials

Although the onboard stores can house important essentials on your cruise, they can often be costly. They may not also have the brands that you favor. Before you leave home, you want to pack first-aid essentials. This could include cotton balls, antibiotic salve, gauze pads, cough drops, cold medicine, Imodium, Airborne, aspirin, band aids, vitamins and more. Personalize your kit to serve your needs.

Laundry Solutions

Getting your laundry done on the ship can be another costly expense. You can plan ahead by having several laundry solutions on-hand. Wrinkle release sprays can calm clothes that have become rumpled and disheveled. Stain removers can also help prevent stains from setting in. For undergarments and items that can be washed in your sink, include travel-size detergents in your travel bag. If you’re thinking about wearing an outfit more than once, you can also keep clothes smelling fresh with Febreeze or other scented sprays.

Power Strip

Cabin rooms are small, and you may not have the required outlets to charge your electronic gadgets. A power strip is another essential piece of equipment that can recharge your laptop, smartphone, camera and more.

Formal Dress

During the day, your itinerary may be filled with swims on the beach or sightseeing. But in the evenings, you may be expected to dress more formally. Dependent on where you’ll be dining, you may be required to have some type of formal dress. Women can adhere to dresses, skirts and dressy tops. Men may be expected to wear a suit, tie, collared shirt and tuxedo.

Cruising offers so many exciting opportunities to see the world. But before you depart, you want to make sure you have everything. The above tips can help you determine the necessary items from those that you can purchase onboard.

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