Top Women’s Fashion Trends For Fall

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When you’re a busy mom, you probably don’t have time to scour the pages of Vogue for the latest trends, and even if you do, they might not necessarily be realistic for your life.

With that being said, it is fun to feel like you’re on-trend at least some of the time as a mom, so below is a brief rundown of the top fashion trends for fall 2017. They’re some of the trends that will actually work for real women’s lifestyles, rather than the ones that look like they’re exclusively reserved for the catwalk.

Statement Glasses

A lot of us moms need glasses for one reason another, whether it’s for working on our computers long hours, or just for general vision correction.

Regardless of why you need them, let them be your must-have fall accessory. Shop retailers like Glasses Gallery to find some of the best trends that will completely change even the simplest of outfits. Some of our favorite trends right now include round frames, tortoise shell patterns, and unisex glasses.

Bright-Colored Faux Fur

Most of us probably aren’t heading to school pickup wearing real fur, both out of principle and because of the price, but luckily there are some great faux fur options that are budget-friendly and lots of fun to experiment with as the weather cools.

This season, go for bold colors such as bright greens and pinks. A fur vest is always fun to add to an outfit, particularly if you want to infuse some color.

Cold-Weather Florals

When we think of floral patterns we probably generally think of wearing them in the warmer weather months, but new trends are introducing them in cold-weather friendly options. Bright and large-print florals are particularly popular on sheer blouses and on top of dark colors like black.

Denim on Denim

Did you think we’d come back to a point where denim-on-denim was such a trend? But, here we are, and it is.

Denim on denim was seen on many runways for Fall 2017, and it’s great for moms because you can go casual, simple, and of course, denim is durable and can stand up to a busy life. If you’re not sure you’re comfortable with denim-on-denim you can always do a nice denim button-up shirt with a pair of fun-colored pants for fall.


There might be no trend that moms who value comfort and functionality will like quite as much as this one: joggers. Joggers are somewhat of a European-inspired pant trend, and it refers to pants with a looser and more relaxed fit, along with a cinched ankle and often a drawstring waist. Joggers are cute and chic, but also comfortable and versatile, so what more can you ask for?

Pair them with some of the season’s trendiest sneakers, and you’re ready for whatever your day might throw at you.

Finally, we love slip-on mules right now as well. They’re the perfect shoe for fall weather, you can slip them on in a hurry, and they work well in casual or dressier situations.

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