The 3 Beaches in Singapore Everyone Should Visit at Least Once

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It’s widely known that Singapore is one of the best tourist locations on the globe, and many visit just for  its beaches. Most Singapore Visa agents recommend their clients to visit these Singapore beaches at least once. Here I am going to share my personal experience about Singapore beaches.

Siloso Beach
Out of Sentosa island’s three beaches, I liked the Siloso beach best, but it’s the busiest one too. If you plan to visit on a sunny weekend, be prepared to face the crowds. This is the place where bikini lovers, beach volleyball players, and sunkissed swimmers gather. The Siloso beach is also famous for its beach bars found surrounding it. If you’re one who’s always up for an adventure, here you can carry out various activities like kayaking, rollerblading, swimming, and cycling.

East Coast Beach
This is a beach and park all rolled in one. Here again, weekends will be busy. I love visiting this beach mainly for the activities. After a tough day, I love to go for some cycling and rollerblading here. The beach is picturesque, and the park is peppered with sporting, entertainment and dining attractions. I’ve organized plenty of barbeques with my friends here. It’s a blissful experience—having a smoky meal near the sea, followed by a walk along the white sands. Above all, this is a family-oriented beach. You will see plenty of kids enjoying their weekends here.

Palawan Beach:
This beach is also on the island resort of Sentosa; located at a walking distance from the Siloso beach. It’s quieter and more peaceful when compared to the Siloso. My most favorite part about this beach is the suspension hanging bridge that links this beach to a small sandy island called Pulau Palawan. I love walking along this bridge above the clear and beautiful sea waters.
This beach is also family-friendly. Parents will be pleased to know that the kids’ club “Port of Lost Wonder” can be found here. The children have a great time here, where they enjoy a number of activities, keeping them occupied all through the day, while their parents can enjoy you are taking a tranquil walk along the beach and relax.

I’ve given you just a taster here about these top Singapore beaches. If you’d like to know more, you must definitely visit. Don’t miss them.

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