How To Get Instant Towing Service

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It has happened to the best of us before – you are on the road and everything is going smoothly, when your car stops running.You are now stranded and you have nowhere to go. If you are close to home or work, you could always call a taxi and get out of there. But you will need to do something about your car, and you may be in a situation where calling a cab is not the ideal option. That is where a towing service can help you.

Find The Best Towing Companies

The best way that you are going to get an instant towing service is by knowing who is offering this service. Even though you could just do a search on your phone when you get into trouble, we recommend making a text file where you have the list of the top five or six towing companies in the area. That will ensure that you can call the likes of Fast Melbourne Towing the second something happens. And since Australia mandates reasonable towing costs, you will not have to pay very much for the service.

Ask About The Waiting Times

A lot of people make the mistake of not asking a towing company how long it will take. They just assume the towing company will arrive in 15 or 20 minutes. When you are calling the first towing company, ask them how long it will take. If they give you a figure over 30 minutes, try a few other companies before you commit to one of them. It may be annoying to make these phone calls, but it could save you valuable time that is being spent waiting for a towing truck on the side of the road.

Sign Up For A Towing Plan

Many of the best towing companies in the area may offer a service where you can pay a small fee each month to receive free or discounted towing services. Not only will this mean that you will get a lower price each time you need a tow, but many companies put these customers on priority over random calls they get during the day. So if you are ever stranded you will know that you can call your towing company and they will send a truck to your location within minutes. So long as you are in or near the city, it should not take them very long to reach you.

Stay Safe

There is no need to take a risk when you are calling a towing company. If it is the middle of the night and you are alone, do not sit by your car on the side of the road. Either get in your car and lock the doors or see if there is a nearby business where you can wait. You can always have the towing company call you when they arrive or pick you up at the location where you are waiting. This is a lot safer than potentially getting robbed or attacked on the side of the road at night.





  1. It is really hard for circumstances when you need the aid of a towing service, harder even when it is in the middle of the night and you’re at the same time stuck at the middle of nowhere. That is why you always have to include on the list of your emergency contacts a reliable towing service so they can get to you right away.

  2. I really like your idea to make a list of the top five or six towing companies in your area for if you ever need them. Doing that would make it so you wouldn’t be scrambling to find the right company to assist you in the event of an emergency. We just moved to a new area, and I’d really like to find some towing services for my two teenage daughters so that they won’t be stranded if something were to happen. I would rest much easier if I knew they had a list of companies to call like you talked about.

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