5 Essential Tips on How to Survive A Long-Haul Flight

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What is the longest you’ve been on a flight? Was it horrendous or did you know of a few tricks to make the whole trip less stressful?

Whether you are taking your first or your seventh long flight, you can never be too prepared. While exhaustion is guaranteed, there are a few things you can try to make your trip less tiresome and stressful. Here are tips on how you can make your next trips easy:

  • Stay calm and avoid carry-on luggage

Working as an ICBC personal injury lawyer is demanding, and if you are taking your first dream vacation to the furthest part of the world, then you are most likely to pack more than you need. The unfortunate part is that even after years of travel, some people still pack more than they need. To get control of this, you should not have checked and carry-on luggage.

If your trip lasts many months, then you can carry one checked luggage. Though you can carry about 15 more pounds of luggage as a carryon, it is a bad idea which you’ll realize at your destination as you try to lug around some elephant bags. Even if your carry-on bag has rollers, you will minimize stress by avoiding the carryon completely.

  • Pack all your in-flight essentials in a clutch or a small bag

A long flight means that you must have everything you may need within reach. You need an on-flight bag that has a lot of water, a scarf, eye mask, earplugs, hand sanitizer/ wipes, snacks, headphones, toiletries, eye drops, a change of clothes and a good book. You should also keep your makeup bag within your reach.

You need comfortable but classy clothes and shoes. You should also consider getting compression socks. Don’t forget your pillow.

Entertainment gadgets will keep you entertained throughout the flight, and the flight is a perfect opportunity for you to catch up on that TV series you’ve been planning to watch.

  • Set your watch to your destination time

To avoid a bad jetlag that will cost you days upon arrival at your destination, you should use the World Clock function on your smartphone to set the time. With the time set, you should try your best to sleep when it is nighttime at your destination and stay awake during the day at your destination. Fortunately, the flight crew will help with your adjustment by adjusting the lights.

  • Stay hydrated

Even though drinking a lot of water means making multiple trips to the bathroom, staying hydrated is good for your skin and your body in general. You may opt to drink a lot of water before your flight. You also need to drink water as long as you are awake on the flight.

  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol

That stiff drink, though appealing and somewhat comfortable isn’t your best pick for a long trip. Alcohol and caffeine will disrupt your sleep, and even if you pass out, you won’t get any meaningful sleep. Also, you will get dehydrated, and your skin will suffer.

Finally, you should stay productive during your flight. You also need to stretch. Some flights pack in more seats than others, so, research before booking your flight.

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