Canvas Food Truck Review

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The Canvas Food Truck
in Los Angeles is a great stop, wherever they happen to be parked!The Canvas Food Truck in Los Angeles

There is always something to be said about a great burger. Whether that burger is beef, chicken, turkey, or salmon, we are burger lovers. The Canvas Food Truck is a great place to get a burger and they have all of those patty option so you can take your pick. For those that want a cooler option they have wraps and salads as well so check out their full menu. I got to sample two of their signature creations with a side of delicious shoe string garlic fries.

With cute names like “The Chick” and “The Bird” the Canvas Food Truck’s two white meat options are popular choices. I got a taste of “The Chick” and enjoyed how refreshing and light it was. The meat was seasoned to perfection and topped with cucumbers, mixed greens, and tomato. The cheese on the burger is mozzarella and that is finished with a roasted pepper aioli. I am a fan of cucumbers on a sandwich or burger and that addition was the icing on the cake to finish this off and take it to the next level. If you are cutting back on your red meat this is a definite highlight of the menu.

If red meat is still on your to be enjoyed list the Canvas Food Truck has a real treat in store for you. One of my favorite dishes from my food truck tour here in LA, their Chef Style burger. Be prepared for a decadent food experience. You do need to be a fan of Blue Cheese because that is a major factor in the flavor punch this burger will give to your taste buds. When you take a half pound patty of grass fed beef then add sautéed onions and roasted pepper aioli you can’t help but fall in love. I thought the Blue Cheese gave the burger a kick and certainly is the feature that made this a top pick of mine. Even if you swapped cheeses, for all you cheddar eaters, this would be a great selection.

If you find yourself out and about in Los Angeles County, Hollywood, Downtown, or in the Valley definitely keep your eyes open for this roaming restaurant. The Canvas Food Truck should definitely be on your radar.

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