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Space is not as far away as you may think.

We have all been fascinated with the idea of space travel. Seeing the Earth from above and being closer to the stars is an experience only a handful of humans have had the opportunity to achieve. There are places on earth where travelers might feel like they are on the moon, but to truly make that trip is more than most people can imagine. Just because space is far away doesn’t mean we can’t be part of a community that reaches for the cosmos. The Space Nation Astronaut Program.

What does it take to be an astronaut? Now with just a smartphone and the Space Nation App that launches  February 2018 you can find out. Astronauts have special skills that go beyond formal education. There are characteristics both physical and mental that all of us have and have the potential to develop. Space Nation approaches training on three fronts, Mind, Body, and Social. All three of these are important to success as a space explorer.

Space Nation is offering you a mini space camp with their app and more space adventures for the most successful participants. An on-site Astronaut Bootcamp is just the start, finalists will take part in a reality competition, then the winner will be sent on a mission to space. Yes, actually space travel!

When we reach for something greater than ourselves we grow and learn about our true potential. The Space Nation Astronaut Program is for anyone looking to push themselves to do and be more. Adventurers of all ages and living anywhere in the world can participate. Space Nation’s goal to make space discovery, education, and wellness available to everyone is something you can explore for yourself.

Visit their site at to find out more and join the movement.


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