Glass Bottom Boats on Catalina Island

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Sea life up close while staying dry.

When visiting Catalina Island checking out the underwater sea life is a highlight of the trip. These waters are home to a diverse group of fish including the Garibaldi, the state fish of California. There are a few options when approaching these Pacific Ocean natives, like hopping right in the water and swimming with the fishies. Another is the adventure of a Glass Bottom Boat Voyage from the Catalina Island Company. It’s kinda like a car’s moon roof in the floor of the boat, a comfortable seat with a view!

The very first glass bottom boats were used sailing around Santa Catalina Island and the tradition continues today. You can visit under the sea with a boat ride through the kelp forests of the Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve. Schools of fish make their home in these protected waters. As the boat makes its way along the sea floor the bright orange Garibaldi fish are easy to pick out. Large black sea bass swim like moving shadows amongst the kelp and under the boat.

There are two options for the water boat tours available, the traditional boat and the Undersea Expedition in a Sea Wolf Semi-Submersible Vessel. If you prefer to take in some fresh air while on the water the first option is ideal. Kids might appreciate the submarine like experience of the Sea Wolf as well. Both of these tours gives a great view and the tours are a similar length. Pick your vessel and you are ready to get out there and see the sea.

Since the days when sailers began to cut panels out of their boats and replace the floor boards with glass Catalina has been the ideal spot for underwater tourism. Today they have perfected the experience. Don’t miss an opportunity to see it all without getting in the water yourself.

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