Mean Green Cleaning for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means. Everyone you know (and some you don’t) will soon be invading your home- or you theirs. Or both.  The back and forth of visiting over the holidays is pretty endless, and with it comes two things- mess and germs. Well, yes- holiday fun, food, and gifts as well- but you will want to be prepared for the first two things to keep your season merry and bright!

This time of year it’s extra important to keep the house clean. The weather outside is frightful- keep it’s blech out there, not in your homes and off of your spaces. Mean Green is great- they have a multitude of products to choose from, and it’s easy to keep them handy as you need them.

The Mean Green® Super Strength Heavy Duty Wipes are really great to keep around and very handy- they are “specially formulated to out-clean other brands on tough grease and grime. Easily removes grease, grime, oil, adhesives, and other tough messes from various surfaces. It’s ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, garage, DIY projects, construction sites, commercial cleaning, in the home, or on the move”. I keep some under the sink for those “fun” messes boys like to make near the toilet, as well as in the kitchen for spills and stickiness that paper towels just can’t deal with. They make fast work of these and more.

The entire Mean Green line are great cleaners and work great for their specific specialties.  I would highly suggest grabbing a few at your local retailer.

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