Is It Necessary To Filter All The Water In My House?

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Did you know that the average person uses 1 gallon of water per day? This is for cooking, washing and for drinking. Generally, you will simply turn on your tap and assume that the water is safe to use and drink.

But, every so often you will hear about issues with the water and it will be enough for you to think twice about the water you are consuming. On solution is to start buying bottled water for drinking and just use your tap water for washing. But this can be an expensive solution and what happens when you need a drink and you’ve run out of bottled water?

The solution is to fit a sink water filter. This is not the same as a whole house filtration system and there is a good reason why.

The water board runs regular tests on the water they dispatch from the treatment works. It will be certified as safe to drink. However, they cannot know for certain if there are any contaminants between the treatment works and your home.  This means this water is safe to use but, at times, may not be safe to drink.

You can, of course, add chemicals to the water yourself and even boil it to make sure it is clean. However, this will increase your exposure to chemicals and may even give you health issues through over exposure.

It is much easier to fit a filter under your sink and have a dedicated tap on your work surface. The filter will remove debris and bacteria from the water, if there are any. You can even get filters which will reduce the hardness of the water or remove the salt associated with softening water!

You then simply drink and wash your food with the water from this tap. You know it is safe to use.

For all other things, including washing yourself and washing the dishes you can use the standard water. It is certified as clean and, even if bacteria have managed to get through, you will not be consuming any of it.

Assuming you wash in hot water the bacteria will be killed and will not be able to survive while you keep them in the cupboard.

The main benefit of using a water filter on your drinking water and not the whole house supply is cost. The filter you need will be smaller and very easy to fit. You will also not need to replace it very often.

If you fit it to the whole house, you will find hundreds of gallons of water being processed simply to go down the drain. You will simply be wasting money as the purpose of the filter is to provide clean water.

A water filter is a good idea but one in the kitchen, with a dedicated tap should be enough to supply your drinking and food preparation needs. The expense of adding a whole house filter is really not justifiable in the majority of cases.

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