A beautiful country with amazing vistas. Turkey is home to the incredible “Turquoise Coast” that has much to see and do.

Bodrum to Gokova and all of its Beauty

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The Turquoise coast is often considered one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. End to end, this coast is filled with natural beauty and historical fascinations

Turkey is home to islands that are as beautiful now as they have always been throughout history. Therefore, it is an excellent idea is to experience these places just as they might have been enjoyed throughout history. Alaturka Cruises offer a variety of tours that allow for you to explore different spots along the coastline. The Bodrum to Gokova blue cruise  is a fantastic way to see some of the highlights of the area.

This cruise is not only about adventure but is also a relaxing journey on a traditional gulet, all while discovering new places and meeting new friends. As this holiday takes eight days and visits many places, you will have time to thoroughly explore the following places:


The city of Bodrum is a popular starting place as it offers many chances to do some shopping while seeing some of the ancient ruins left as a reminder of the past. This city once was home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Mausolus. While only the substructures are left after a number of earthquakes, these remains are enough to see how impressive the building might have once been.

Orak Island

Another early stop on this route is Orak Island. This island is popular to stop at by both small cruises and diving boats. The bay is a spectacular place for swimming and snorkelling thanks to crystal clear waters. Divers find this bay very special due to the underwater coral wall.  On the land there are a few ideal walking spots with wild olive tree giving a wonderful smell to the air.

The English Harbor

This later stop has an unusual name. The English harbor gained its name from a less pleasant time in history but this has not dampened the beauty. The British Navy during WWII used this bay to harbour their vessels as it is quiet and sheltered from the elements. Sadly, there are some British ships that sunk in this bay. Divers and snorkelers try to spot these ships when swimming.

Karacasogut Village

Karacasogut is a small village that due to its close location to Marmaris and because of its beauty, has become a popular place for blue cruises to anchor for an afternoon. This small village is a sought after place of escape from the busy lifestyles of Marmaris city. Although in 1996 there was a fire that destroyed a large section of the village, this did not diminish its beauty or popularity. Often on a blue cruise this will be an overnight stop, allowing for passengers to arrange transportation to Marmaris to enjoy the nightclubs and bars that makes this city a popular tourist destination.

The Seven Islands

The Seven Islands is a location on the Turquoise coast that is often used in advertising for this part of Turkey. Even though most of the shots of this destination are taken from the air, this only highlights the beauty of the area. This chain of islands has many secluded bays that can be used for anchoring. Once anchored, there are usually 3 things that most visitors like to do; take a swim and see the colourful fish, walk through the pine forests that the islands are home to, or relax on the boat a watch the waters and islands in total peace.

While these are just a few of the locations on this incredible route, this should definitely be  incentive enough to try one of these amazing holidays.

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