What Are the Downsides of Too Much Screen-time?

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Screens are everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to avoid them in your daily routine. There are reasons why people need to get a good night of sleep, and then there are reasons why people need to monitor the amount of screen time that they use. If you work with computers and are constantly looking at a monitor, you’re at risk of many different problems associated with too much screen time. It can be unavoidable at times, but it’s always nice to know the side effects of using your electrical devices. They can make life easier, but they can also come with some pretty severe consequences.


If you don’t wear glasses to read, watch out – your eyes aren’t completely safe when you’re getting too much screen time. It never hurts to get outside and get a little active, and if you’re a bit past your physical prime, just do something light. People will deal with it in different ways, but this article is going to be talking about the downsides of too much screen time (and not how you can lower the amount you’re getting).


Infant Attachment


This is the era of putting an iPod in the hands of your kid and watching them work their magic. Kids are becoming more competent with modern technology, and the proof is in the pudding – just take a look at all of the strange kid-related channels that have been blowing up on YouTube. Research has shown that when you’re putting your kids in front of a screen at younger ages, they become less attached to the parent themselves. The parent isn’t there to oversee the early developmental stages of their child in its entirety, which wasn’t the case “back in the day”. Technology such as an iPod has only been available for a few years now, so if something isn’t done soon, this may be a larger problem than initially anticipated.


Taking Care of Your Eyes


You only get one pair of eyes in your lifetime, and it’s up to you to make sure that they are being maintained. When your kids (or anybody, for that matter) are looking at screens for too long, there is potential to damage their eyes during optimal developmental stages. Tablets and laptops seems like the perfect way to keep your kids occupied, but allowing their eyes use to be used for too long could lead to negative effects at some point. It’s better to be safe as opposed to being sorry, especially when dealing with eyesight.


Mental Capacity


Being used to seeing things on a screen and not in real-time can mess with your mental capacity. While spending all day looking for the beste freespins at Rivalo casino may be a nice way to pass the time, it’s important to know your limits. You will be so absorbed with watching things on a screen, that you won’t react as quickly when it comes to the real thing. If you’re busy looking at Instagram and living your life through other people, it could lead to some very serious issues – stuff like anxiety and self-esteem issues could arise if you don’t tread carefully.


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