5 Reasons why you should stay in a farmhouse on your next vacation

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It’s very rare to hear of people renting or staying in farmhouses for their vacations. Resorts and hotels are most preferable but after reading this, you might change your mind.

  1. New experience

Beaches, mountains, and resorts are the common go to when planning your vacation but too much of something is poisonous. In an attempt to avoid that monotony, plan a vacation in a farmhouse where you will be surrounded by the peaceful nature. This experience kills two birds with one stone where they will also learn how to work on a farm

  1. The domesticated animals

In a farmhouse, you find a variety of animals from cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, and horses. Are you rarely exposed to these animals as you are used to game drives looking at wildlife from a distance? In a farm for example in a family setting, your child will be able to come into contact with the animals; touching them and helping feed them.

It is also more peaceful as compared to the normal go-to spots such as an arcade where you cannot even hear yourself due to the norm of accepting the noise as part of the experience.

  1. Availability of local food

Restaurants usually value quality over quantity; therefore, you barely get full. In a farmhouse, you have fresh foods at your disposal, fresh milk and at times even fresh cheese. Most of the foodstuff is fresh. Experiencing fresh food on a daily cooked with love should be enough to start convincing you to stay on a farm while vacationing in Gozo.

  1. Seclusion

The seclusion from the urban Gozo town is a breath of fresh air. Some time spent away from the urban areas is just what you need to reset your mind. Going to a farmhouse and enjoying the countryside view and peace of mind is a very good idea for a vacation. Getting in touch with nature by helping in the farm planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits, milking the cows and picking eggs in the morning when the hens lay them sounds like an experience of a lifetime especially if you live in the city.

  1. Adventure

For those who love the outdoors, this may be the change of scenery you need. There are very many opportunity spots for you to take long walks or hikes enjoying the scenery. Some of the traditional farmhouses are located near national parks; therefore, you get to experience both wild and tamed animals.

Farmhouses in Gozo offer such tranquillity and being able to stay none may be an experience of a lifetime because the beaches are still close by too for you to enjoy that view. Book your trip now to visit Gozo; enjoy the variety of renovated century-old village, traditional and modern farmhouses.

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