Weekend Wandering: 3 Ways You Can Have Fun with a Drone Over the Weekend

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Drones are skyrocketing in popularity as one of coolest technological toys available. There is increasing variety in sizes, types and features, reaching an even larger market. Dronenthusiast is one great resource with extensive information about selecting and operating your ideal drone.

Once you’ve awed at its functionality, you may wonder what else to do with your new gadget. People have made use of these impressive little flyers in all sorts of applications, from work to pleasure. Here are three fun ideas you can try over the weekend.

Create a Video Montage


This can really unleash your creative side. You have probably seen some of the amazing footage that is already being captured with these wonderful devices. It’s time to add your personal touch. You can get some great drone video with or without much planning. If you want to embark on a more elaborate project, draw up a storyboard and orchestrate specific shots with a truly unique point of view. If you want to save great memories in a new and entertaining format, bring your drone to the weekend get together or sports match. Ask people to get involved, recording their own messages as the drone flies by to make it more interactive and personal. Drone videography is a developing art and there are plenty of useful tips available online to help you master your technique.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing


This is a great weekend activity for nature lovers with drones. Anyone who enjoys hiking, birdwatching and wildlife knows that it is very difficult to even catch a glimpse of most animals before they are alerted to your presence. The stealthy drone doesn’t draw too much attention, making it a perfect tool for peeking in on rarely seen animal behavior. You can travel to your favorite nature area and launch your drone to survey the surrounding woods. The height affords amazing views of the landscape and the treetops, along with a wonderful new perspective on birds in their most natural environment. You may even come across hard-to-spot animals who would have otherwise fled at the sound of your footsteps. Add your incredible shots to the growing number of Internet-famous drone wildlife footage taken by hobbyists just like yourself.

Play Games


Imagination is really the only limit to the games you can play with drones. You can arrange any number of competitive or noncompetitive activities for all ages. Consider launching drone races to see who can outrun or outmaneuver the sprightly flying machine. You may want to add some attachments or assemble your own to practice delivering different objects with your drone, perhaps turning this into a high tech version of the infamous Claw arcade game. Incorporate the drone’s camera to stage a treasure hunt with a twist, using clues and video feed from your drone to seek out hidden items. The possibilities are endless.

Drones are fascinating, fun, and versatile. You can find a place for drones in any of your most-loved weekend adventures. Gather with your friends and family to brainstorm the next big thing in creative ideas for your drone.

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