How to Plan the Perfect Beach Getaway

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When winter hits, it hits hard. We are often forced inside, hate venturing out into the cold, and often suffer for it. The winter blues are a very real phenomenon, and are caused due to the combined cold and lack of light that we are exposed to winter after winter. It is for this reason that a getaway to the beach is not just a fun excursion, it’s a wellness necessity. Even in the height of summer, the beach offers health benefits. Saltwater and salt air are great for clearing your lungs and even clearing your skin. To make the most of your beach holiday, however, you need to take it up another level. You need to follow these tips:


Rent out a Beach House

What is better than a beach vacation? A beach house! Unlike hotels, beach rentals are stylish and infinitely homier. You can feel like you are in a home away from home. You could even end up saving money by making your own food and packing picnics before you head out for the day. You also won’t feel as pressured to get out every day, and, if you splurge, you might even find the perfect beach-side beach home to rent out, meaning no matter what, you are making the most of the time on the water.


Pack The Quintessential Travel Wardrobe

Anyone traveling can tell you that fashion and style are hard things to pack in small quantities, but only if you don’t put thought into what you bring and what outfits you can wear beforehand. Create a summer color theme and pick only a few clothes to bring with you to create the quintessential travel wardrobe. What is important here is not how many items, but how many outfits you can wear, and with the right, complimentary color scheme you can make unique look after unique look for a week or more with clothes that can fit into a carry-on.


Tips for Sunbathing

One other way you can prepare for your beach getaway is to prepare for the actual sunbathing aspect. Sunbathing done right will give you that beautiful glow without causing damage to your skin or risking the chance of burning. The secret? Wear sunscreen. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen does not stop you from tanning. It certainly slows the progress, as UV rays are not burning your skin, but that is for the better of your health and your tan. The kind of sunscreen you wear will also be important. Far too many brands actually choke the sea life when it washes off of your skin, leading to coral bleaching and greasy oceans. Choose an ocean-friendly model and apply it before you go into the sun for maximum effect.


Your trip will be what you make of it. If you want to lie in the sun all day, then you are all set. If you want to spice up your day, head out into the town. Go shopping, visit bars, see local tourist attractions, and otherwise enjoy your beach holiday like you would any city holiday, with trips to the beach in-between. The choice is yours, just make sure you have the perfect accommodation, wardrobe, and sunbathing kit before you go.

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