Sports That Will Get You Fit – And Fast

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Everyone is looking for a quick fix to their body ailments these days, cause who actually has time to dedicate themselves to something long term when you’ve got children, jobs and home life to think about too? We all know that eating healthily and exercising is the best way of keeping your fitness levels at their best, but are there any quick fixes out there? You might try a crash diet, but the results can quickly be reversed once you return to your regular eating habits. However, when it comes to exercise, a few rules can be bent because there are exercises out there which will get you fit – and fast too. Check it out:


The great thing about baseball is that you’re using every muscle in your body without even realising it. You’re too busy thinking about either hitting the ball, catching the ball, or running to your base (or even getting a home run!). In a regular match you could be burning off up to 500 calories!! Sign yourself up for a fast train to fitness heaven.


As you can probably imagine, skiing is another sport that uses many muscles in your body. You may think that it’s sliding down a hill on two skis, but you use your muscles working your way through the snow (and trying not to fall over!) So, if you’re heading off on a skiing holiday to say, Marriott’s Summit Watch, then why not rent out some skis and hit the mountains for a full body workout?


Tennis is one of those sports where you’re running back and forth for the ball and then suddenly realise “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m not out of breath!”. It’s an all round fun, highly active, and addictive sport that anyone can play, so why not grab a buddy and head to your nearest tennis courts for some quick fitness sporting!


Swimming is great for boosting your fitness levels because the water takes any strains off your muscles and joints, and you will find that you’re able to do more in the water than you can on land. Just remember that even though you don’t feel it now, the next day you might ache, so try not to over do it!


Rowing is another sport that uses literally every muscle in your body. If you’re looking to get shapely legs, abs and get rid of those bingo wings all in one sitting, then rowing is most definitely the sport for you!

Rock climbing

Finally, rock climbing takes and builds a lot of strength in both your arms, abdomen, and legs. It’s a sport that can be done within a rock climbing center, or you can go to the full extreme and climb the face of a cliff. Either way, you’re getting a kick ass workout that will help you get fit – and fast!

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