How do you know if you need new tires on your car?

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  1. Everyone knows that car tires need to be replaced at some point. If you do not replace the tires on your vehicle when necessary, you will find that your car does not handle as it should. You could also be putting yourself, and any passengers you may have, in danger. The problem is that not everyone knows how to tell if the tires on their car need to be replaced.
  2. The big brand models, such as Goodyear tyres, are hard wearing, but you still need to buy new ones at some point, so when should you do this?

Examining the tread on tires

It’s important to examine the tread on your car’s tires on a regular basis; once a month, or more often if possible. If the tread is less than 1.6mm in depth, then you need to buy a new tyre. If the tread is less than 1.5 mm in depth, it’s not legal to drive the car until the tyre is replaced. Not only is it illegal to drive a vehicle with severely worn tires, it’s also very dangerous. The tread helps to keep your car on the road. Once it wears away, you lose that ability to grip the road and you do not have the same level of control over the vehicle.

Checking the sidewalls of tyres

The sidewall of a tire is prone to damage; after all it can take a lot of punishment. There should not be any significant damage to the sidewall, such as bulges, cuts or cracks. If any of these are present, the tire has to be replaced. You may be able to see this type of damage, if it’s obvious. However, there could be damage to the sidewall that is not immediately recognizable but which could be dangerous. If you hit an object hard, such as when you reverse into a curb, there could be internal damage to the tire. For your own peace of mind, it often pays to have the tires on your car checked by a professional, if you have any doubts.

Protecting your tires

If you spot any of the signs we have discussed, it’s time to get the tires on your car replaced. You can make sure that this happens as infrequently as possible be taking certain steps:

  • Keep tire pressures at the recommended level.
  • Drive at or under the speed limit.
  • Keep braking to a minimum; only do so when necessary.
  • Make sure that the wheels of your vehicle are correctly aligned and balanced.

All of these measures can help you preserve the condition of car tires for as long as possible. Make sure that you keep a careful check on the tires, so that you can see when their condition is deteriorating and when they need to be replaced. Doing so helps you to continue to drive safely and legally.


  1. Maryann D. says

    Last year we did decide to get new tires for my car. I was not sure when to get them so this is good information and advice.

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