Why Brick New York Has The Best Group Fitness Classes

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When thinking about joining a new gym, some of the first things you look for are good hours, good equipment, clean facilities, and a friendly staff. Places like Brick New York, a gym near Grand Central goes above and beyond to make an excellent first and lasting impression. Brick New York is unique in the fact that it offers group fitness classes that can’t be found anywhere else. Along with that, there’s a complementary shower room, towel service, Wi-Fi- access, and even a Progenex shake & Caveman Coffee Bar to purchase recovery drinks at after your workout.


Each personal and group fitness trainer is highly qualified and enthusiastic when it comes to helping members meet their fitness goals. Below you can find the classes offered at Brick New York and what each of them entails.


B | Fit  

This program revolves around both strength and conditioning by testing your aerobic capacity as well as your muscular endurance. B | Fit uses traditional lifts like deadlifts, squats, and presses. This class is fine for both experienced and inexperienced lifters and athletes.


B | Strong

This is a class for those looking to put on muscle mass and be able to lift heavier weights at the end of the program. The goal is to improve definition by utilizing isolated free weight movement while also improving the numbers.


B | Mobile

This is a unique program in the fact that it’s focus is on enhancing muscle recovery as well as increasing your body’s range of motion. The trainers will teach deep stretching techniques along with mobility methods that include bands, foam rollers, and other tools.


B | X

This class looks to work you at high intensity by using bodyweight movements, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, running, rowing, and biking. The class is set up like a circuit that’s sure to leave you out of breath.


Barbell | Club

This class revolves around learning how to execute Olympic style lifts like clean and jerks and snatches. Other movements will be integrated in the class in order to better perform the targeted Olympic lift. This class is also perfect for experienced lifters and beginners.


RUN | Endurance

This class focuses on running technique as well as cardio endurance. Trainers will help to motivate runners as well as tweaks their techniques when it comes to sprinting, pacing, and distance running. What’s unique about this running class is that it can be taken outside if weather permits.



CrossFit classes are held all across the globe so it’s not exactly unique to Brick New York. It is however an awesome program to enroll in if you want to see a dramatic difference in your body and fitness levels. This program focuses on functional movements like those used in gymnastics, running, rowing, and weightlifting. If you get good enough at it, you can join the CrossFit games and compete internationally.


BRICK | Academy

This class targets new athletes that are looking to engage in high-intensity training for the first time. The purpose of this program is to give beginners a foundation before jumping into a more specific fitness class.


B | Flow

This class lasts one hour and focuses on improving you flexibility, stability, and mobility. Its purpose is to support your other weekly workouts, but can be a great workout in itself.


Some people choose Brick New York just because of the unique and intense classes that they offer. At Brick, you’re not just joining a gym, but a community of people that are there for the same reasons as you are. Getting fit is a journey that you have to dedicate yourself to around the clock. If you’re going to go all in, make sure you’re having fun while doing so.

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