5 Stylish Outfits for a Night out in a New Town

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When you plan for a vacation or a city break in a new town, all travel specialists tell you to travel light and pack comfortable clothes, as you will have plenty of sightseeing and walking to do. However, visiting a new town also means checking out the nightlife scene. Whether you want to go out to dinner in an interesting restaurant, attend a show, have some drinks in a funky place with your friends, or go to a high-class event, you should be prepared. Put your sneakers and comfortable T-shirt aside tonight, as we will offer you five stylish outfit ideas you can try for a splendid night out in a new town!

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1. The Timeless Black Dress with a Twist

The little black dress goes everywhere and matches any occasion you can think of. You can style it down for a night of bar hopping with friends by wearing a simple denim jacket and some boots. On the contrary, if you want to style it up and give it a fancy, glamorous flair, pair it with a fancy jacket or scarf, a statement pendant necklace and some stylish sunglasses.

For a city-break-style boho, laidback look, throw a wavy soft poncho over it. For a more composed, demure, and killer look, get yourself a fitted jacket in a contrasting color and do not forget your heels or platforms. Some cities are a mix of classic and new, old grace and modern vibrations (like Florence, Budapest or London). For such cities, the little black dress with twists and touch-ups is the perfect outfit that mixes style with comfort.

A black dress in a medium length is your perfect travel companion whether you want to go to a show or spend your evening at an art gallery opening. Keep in mind that accessories are your best allies.

2. The Cute Retro Look with Pearls

Some cities and some occasions almost beg you to go for a retro-chic look with a glamorous flair and funky side to it. We are thinking about Paris, Rome, or Madrid even. You will not look out of place sporting the timeless polka dot dress in a vibrant color combination (red and white, yellow and black, blue and black, and so on). Retro fashion is trendier than ever these days so you can ride that wave by mixing some classics.

When it comes to stylish retro, you can go only one way: the path of pearls. Pearls received a fresh take and some interesting tunings as of late, becoming the go-to gems for all women with a deep sense of style.

You might feel reluctant in taking your precious pearl jewelry on a trip, but keep this in mind: the ideal pearl earrings are button earrings or drop earrings. In other words, they are small, discrete, and glamorous. You can carry them safely with you and wear them with your retro outfit at any party or event.

If you want to sport a full retro attire, you should also bring along your pearl necklace, your tiny fancy gloves, and a hairpin to style up your retro updo.

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3. The Almighty Denim Jeans with Statement Pieces

If you are the practical type of girl who does not want to stuff her luggage with half her wardrobe just in case she needs something interesting to wear, you can always count on your jeans. Bring along your favorite dark blue pair, as they will get you out of any “what to wear” dilemma. You can keep jeans fancy yet casual by pairing them with a monochrome tank top (white works quite well), a pair of fancy oxfords, an oversized tote bag and a statement necklace.

When you wear jeans and statement jewelry, make sure you manage to balance the colors and the proportions. For a casual night out (for cinema, drinks, street food tasting, clubs, and parties), you can rely on your outfit to be comfortable, cute, and glamorous within some limits.

Some occasions, however, require a bit of styling up. You can wear your jeans with heels and look effortlessly stunning. Make sure you pump up the “volume” by adding some stacked bracelets to balance the statement necklace you already packed.

4. The Red-Based Outfit with Summer Written all Over it

Some urban environments have a style and a flair of their own. Summer resorts and beach cities all share a laidback attitude. Nothing speaks about the coolest summer vacation or city break of your life than some red clothes. A red slouchy silky top can take you to a fancy restaurant just as it can take you to a beach party. Your look will depend on what you pair with red.

For a casual look, pick a pair of short jeans, flat sandals, and colored accessories. For a more stylish look, you can go for a pair of white trousers, platform sandals, and an oversized pair of sunglasses, a hat, and stacked bracelets.

Nothing says summer fun better than red clothes and you should bring along some red tops or even a dress in your luggage.

5. The Classic Summer Dress with Denim

No matter where you go on vacation this year, a flowery summer dress is a must-have. You can pick a romantic long, slouchy summer dress for beach resorts or a mini flowery dress for urban environments. What you need to bring along is your denim jacket or vest. The flower-denim combination is a casual one, but it works with all possible occasions.

For a laidback night out, pick up your flowery dress, denim vest, and sneakers and go have fun in the city. If you want to party in a club or attend a show, make sure you have a pair of nude high heels or platforms, a dress, a fitted denim jacket, and some cool bracelets to go.

What are your favorite vacation/city-break outfits when you want to spend a cool night out in a different city? Do you have other suggestions for us?

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