Getting Around Without Cabs When Traveling Abroad

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It’s such a shame sticking to taxis when you’re traveling abroad.

Sure, they’re an easy way to get around fast, but you miss out on the so much adventure and fun. Taxis, as long as you’re not getting scammed, stick to the main roads getting you from point A to B as quickly as possible.

All between the A and B are nooks and crannies filled with culture and neat things to see. You miss out on great food to taste, wild stories yet to unfold. and sublime experiences a skip away. 

It’s like traveling abroad and only ever sticking to the tourist traps.

The Best Ways to Get Around (That Aren’t a Taxi)

Whether it’s taking the trains throughout Germany or opting for an Iceland car rental service, how you get around can change the entire dynamic of your trip. Plus, getting away from taxis lets you travel at your own pace.

Trains and Trollies

Trains are an excellent way to explore a country via slow travel. You won’t get there relatively fast but the experience and sights are mesmerizing. Trains are incredibly cheap in most areas of the world fitting the bill for those not wanting to spend a lot getting around. Or,  they can scale to luxury — with higher prices, of course — but offering tons of amenities like dining carts, sleeper carriages, lounges, and more.

Along with trains are the trollies and street cars you could use to get around the city. Most cities offer 1-day travel passes making it easy to hop on and off the streetcars as much as you want. This is perhaps one of the better ways to see the inner cities and outskirts when doing day trips. 

Helicopters and Hot Air Balloons

It might sound outlandish but a helicopter ride could combine your need to get around with a breathtaking experience worth adding to your travel journal! Want to go a bit cheaper? You could try a hot air balloon ride

Tours of these kinds can cost around $500 in many places throughout the world. But, you can also find private charters letting you choose when and where to go if you’ve got big bucks. 

Rental Cars and P2P Rentals

Rental cars are the ultimate at-your-own-pace choice for getting around your destinations. You can find these rental options at most airports and close to central hubs. Pricing varies where you’re traveling but it’s worth the money especially since you can venture any direction you please.

Want to save a bit of money? Some locations have caught on with peer-to-peer car rentals. This lets you rent cars directly from their owners often providing an awesome selection to your style. Just understand the local traffic laws, though, so you’re not footing the bill by joyriding a bit too hard.

Bikes and Scooters/Mopeds

There are two neat ways to do this:

  • Buy a cheap, used bike when you get there
  • See if they have one of those bike/scooter rental services

Bikes are amazing for getting around because you can zip and zag areas other transports can’t do. It’s a healthy way to explore the new areas, too. Buying a used bike may cost you less than a few times using a taxi. Plus, you could always sell or donate it once you’re set to leave.

Scooters/mopeds are equally fun but you should be careful traversing the local traffic. Prices aren’t too bad, either.

How Will You Get Around?

Taxis are neat for a quick hop around, but you’re missing out if you’re dodging alternative transportation — especially car rentals and public transport. You’ll see so much more! So, how do you plan you get around?

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