Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach Ca.

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Living Art in California

The Pageant of the Masters in the artistically inclined Laguna Beach California is an oasis by the sea for art, music, and food. Running from July 5th through September 1st this Festival of the Arts stands out from any other you may have experienced before. This is more than art you stroll up to like a gallery or art walk. This is art that fills a whole stage! Accompanied by live music and narration, works of art are brought to life for crowds filling the outdoor theatre. If that was not on a grand enough scale there is the fact that parts of the painting are played by live models!

Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach California sign.

How? Well the models too are painted, their clothes, every detail to match the style of the piece they are a part of. Part of the fun is picking out the real from the painted two dimensional portions. The scale of this event is huge, from the stage filling backdrops, the painted models, the costumes that blend in seamlessly. Even the lighting that adds so much to each scene. This year’s theme is “Under the Sun”, Impressionists from the early 20th century. These artists spent their time under that sun while creating works that are still appreciated today and you couldn’t pick a lovelier place to do the same than The Pageant of the Masters.

Models and costumes for the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach CaliforniaMake sure you leave plenty of time to go through the offerings of the local artist on display outside the theatre. In fact even if you don’t get tickets for the Pageant you can still pay an entrance fee and go and enjoy a day out. There are jazz nights and other events to take part in. Kids and adults can enjoy workshops, classes, watch demonstrations, and enjoy the work of 140 artists working in a number of mediums.

Workshops and demos at the pageant of masters in Laguna Beach CaAll the art might make you hungry so take advantage of the new on site restaurant Terra Laguna Beach. Offering sit down meals and a full bar this is a perfect way to take a break before getting back to walking through the artist displays or taking in the show. The artistry continues though with the California cuisine which will delight you with the farm stand fresh ingredients, and their commitment to sustainable food sourcing. Everything I ate there was delicious from the first bite to the cake. The setting is beautiful doing justice to the whole event.

Terra Laguna Beach at the pageant of mastersWhen visiting Southern California this summer this is a must check out event for the whole family. Make sure you get your tickets early, this event sells out on a lot of dates. Find out more about The Pageant of the Masters on their website – or on Social Media – TwitterInstagramFacebook

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