3 Ways to Pack Efficiently for a Weekend Trip

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What are your plans for the weekend? Going off somewhere, away from all the crazy stuff in the city?

Before you head off, you may want to learn some common techniques on how to pack your bag, especially if you’re still a rookie at travelling. You do want to enjoy your trip, don’t you? You don’t want to fuss over your baggage, do you?

Worse yet, you may even lose a few items during your trip just because you didn’t organize your bag properly. Thus, young padawan, follow these three ways to pack efficiently for your weekend trip.

Get a Decently Sized Bag

First of all, you’re gonna need one good bag that can accommodate all your stuff. You don’t want to be overburdened with several small carriables.

Get the best weekender duffle bag that you can find, preferably one that has multiple compartments, which are useful for separating certain items from the rest of your baggage, giving you easy access to those things without having to dig through your pack.

As a bonus, leather duffle bags look dapper and chic with a simple charm to them. You’ll be roaming around in style with one slung over your shoulder.

Roll Clothes instead of Folding Them

The bulk of your belongings will typically be your clothes. What, you expect to bring one set to wear for the entire weekend? What if you get wet from the rain or muddy your nice white shirt while taking a stroll on the countryside?

Hence, it’s recommended that you bring two or three sets of clothes, more if you’re gone longer.

When packing your clothes, don’t just simply fold them like they’re going inside your cabinet. Instead, roll them into tubes. Squeeze out every last pocket of air from them so they’ll fit snugly inside your bag.

Not only will you save space this way, but you’ll also have an easier time when pulling them out.

Place Small Essentials in Separate Compartments

Passport, plane tickets, documents, toiletries, toothbrush, and such items that need to be accessed quickly and often should have their own place in your pack, like in an external compartment.

If you have any bottles of liquid or water-sensitive stuff, seal them inside ziplock bags in case of spillage and accidents. Even then, put them in pockets separate from your other belongings.

You may also want to get pouch bags that can be attached to your belt or worn around your waist. They make it convenient to carry essentials that you do not want to store inside your main bag.

Organize Items according to When They’ll Be Used

A good technique to sort your pack is to arrange its contents sequentially.

For example, place your Saturday clothes on the sidemost section of your bag. Order them according to what you’re going to take out first: underwear, pants, then shirt, for instance. Then place the next batch of clothes right after the first batch.

Items that you expect to use when you’ve settled down in your hotel room or your camping tent can be placed farther back. These can be your phone charger, your journal, your bedtime eye mask.

When putting things back inside your bag, you can do it differently but still in an organized way. Worn clothes can stay on the other end of the bag, for example, and placed inside ziplocks so they won’t mess up your other things.


These are just the basics, but they’re all you need for a weekend trip. Apply these tips to your preparations and on your journey, and you can travel hassle-free.

So where are you heading off to?

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