For Kids: Renovation Ideas Perfect for Your Basement

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Kids need their own space too. They need a safe and comfortable place where they can play, goof around, and generally just have fun. You don’t have to look far that place. In fact, you don’t even have to go one step away from your front door. Your home has just the right space to turn into a special kids zone—the basement.


Yes, behind the damp, dreary atmosphere lies the potential to be a fun, comfortable place where the kids can freely and safely play to their heart’s’ content, without disturbing the neighbors. So for your next home improvement project, try these basement renovation ideas that are perfect for kids.


Get Rid of the Moisture Problem


Before anything else, you must first address the moisture problem in the basement. Most basements have damp environments due to the pipes and mechanisms located in the room. Plus, basements are underground, so there’s moisture coming from the soil and not enough ventilation to let them all out.


It isn’t healthy to be exposed to such environments, especially for developing kids. Dampness encourages the growth of molds, which puts people  at risk of certain health effects, upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing, and wheezing. Moreover, the moisture-rich environment itself is unhealthy for people.


As such, your first step for renovating the basement should be resolving the moisture problem. There several ways this can be done. You have to find the sources of the wetness and remove them then you can install insulation and waterproofing to get rid of the problem for good (or at least for a long, long time). When they moisture problem is done and dealt with, you can then move on to turning the basement to the space you want.


Make a Family Room


Spending quality time with the kids is crucial for building a closer relationship with them and for their development. But you don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to have fun with the little squirts. Bonding time can be spent indoors, in your very own basement family room.


The basement family room can be an extension of your living room, except with better soundproofing. You can add in a big TV or projector, surround sound system, video game consoles, board games, and even a popcorn-making machine. The family can gather there watch movies, play all kinds of games, and be as loud as they want.


Build an Extra Bedroom


An extra bedroom is always useful when you have kids around. Kids need to be taught how to be independent and sleep by themselves. This allows parents to have peace and quiet at night and recharge for the next day.


You don’t have to extend outside to create another bedroom. With the moisture problem out of the way, the basement can be turned into one. The space doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting, but you can make up for it by installing for fixtures, brightly-painted walls, and exciting decor. And with that, you have the perfect kiddie room.


You can add a bathroom in the bedroom, so the kids don’t have to run upstairs when they need to go. It’s isn’t such a hassle to install an upflush Saniflo toilet since it comes with a macerator and discharge pipe that can be connected to your sewage system, septic tank, or holding tank with extension pipes.


Kids are notorious for flushing all kinds of things down the toilet, but the powerful macerating pump can break down most solid wastes to prevent clogging.


Turn It into a Playroom


Children love to play, and they love to go where the fun is. Instead of worrying where the kids are when they going out to play, why not just turn your basement in a room where the kids can play, hang out with their friends, and just have fun?


Child proof your basement by removing and locking away any dangerous equipment then install bright lighting and use age-appropriate decor. You can migrate all their toys and add in all sorts of fun things (e.g., indoor swings, a ball pit, tents, etc.) in the basement playroom.


Need something to inspire you? Here are some creative kids playroom ideas you can try out.


Convert It to a Music Room

For the young music enthusiasts, they need their own soundproofed studio where they can practice all they want (or be as loud as they want), without disrupting the neighborhood. And the basement is the perfect place for that. Being underground with very little opening, it has a natural soundproofing, so it doesn’t take a lot of work to turn it into a music studio.


Install sound dampening foam on the walls and seal the gaps between the door and the windows just to make sure the sounds stay in. Then you can add the sound system and instruments and let the kids play all they want.


Create a Cozy Reading Room


Reading a great habit to instill in kids. It helps develop their communication, critical thinking, comprehension, creativity, and imagination. To raise a family of bookworms, you can’t miss having your own cozy reading room or library inside the house. And your basement can be ideal for this purpose.


In the basement, it’s harder to see and hear what’s happening outside. You’re able to focus and enjoy without fear of any distractions. For the kids, letting them read in peace can be great for developing their concentration.


Aside from shelves of books, add in comfortable bean bags, mats, and cozy nooks where the kids can just sit or lie on their stomach and enjoy their books. The basement reading room can also be a place where the kids focus on studying and doing their homework.


Check out these back-to-school study room ideas to get inspired.


Final Word


After you deal with the moisture problem, the house basement can be turned into any room that you want. It’s perfect for creating a fun and safe environment where the kids can play, sing, dance, read, study, and explore all they want.


It’s important to give kids their own space. It helps develop their independence and confidence. From that, they can learn about commitment, responsibility, and obligation. By giving them their own space, you let them that they belong and that they have your trust. It won’t be apparent at the start, but you will see the good it does as they grow up.

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