How to Make Your Trip to Australia a Real Adventure

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Australia is big, beautiful, exciting and the perfect place for a real dose of adventure. With 10,685 beaches and 10 deserts, the land down under is the perfect destination for all sorts of fun and adventurous outdoor activities. The main difficulty is narrowing down your list of things to do, because when it comes to Australia, there’s no shortage of activities in which to partake for both visitors and those coming to start a new life.

Its rugged coastlines, laid-back people and striking flora and fauna all serve to make this fascinating country so appealing. In Australia, you can skydive, swim with sharks and scuba dive some of the most stunning reefs in the world. The weather is also very encouraging for outdoor activities, with plenty to do for adults and children alike.

Skydive at Mission Beach

Looking for a perfect adventure? What better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to skydive above the beautiful sea around Mission Beach? This is arguably one of the most daring and memorable things you can do in Australia. Picture being strapped to the back of a professional skydive instructor and taking photos from the GoPro in midair. The excitement is indescribable, even after the second and third times. Are you considering making an Ausmove? If so, this should be near the top of your budget list of things to do within the first three months of your arrival.


Camping is the ideal family outdoor activity; as this obviously isn’t as strenuous as skydiving, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and still offers a significant sense of adventure. Furthermore, camping in Australia offers a unique dimension when compared to elsewhere. For instance, camping on Cockatoo Island around Sydney Harbour allows you to hike and check out the remains of the convict’s cells from way back when.

Kayak Katherine Gorge

While some people might describe watching sunset over dinner as an adventurous activity, Katherine Gorge allows you to do much more in a single outdoor trip. Kayaking or taking a canoe trip is a sure way to experience the true beauty of the Gorge. You can hire kayaks and canoes for a couple of hours or even a full day whilst exploring the entire gorge. In fact, you can rent for up to two days if you wish; this will allow you to watch both sunset and sunrise, whilst enjoying the tranquility from your kayak.

Drive the Great Ocean Road

This is a beautifully laid tarmac that stretches over a distance of 151 miles. It is arguably the most picturesque drive in the world – and definitely the best in Australia.  You can hire a car in Melbourne and let yourself loose to enjoy the breathtaking sights, like the incredible rock formation of the Twelve Apostles. There’s also the Angelsea Golf Course, surf spots at Torquay, many kangaroos, and much more.  All these spectacular sights await you on your trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Crocodile Cruise at Port Douglas

This could be the most thrilling adventure you’ll experience in Australia. Starting from Port Douglas, you can take a crocodile cruise along the Daintree River, watching these fearsome, humongous creatures brooding along the river banks and basking in the sunshine. However, the main treat is when guides throw meat in their direction to entice them out of the water. You’ll then watch the crocs in all their glory, jumping out of the the water to clasp their jaws around the food.


Even if you’ve had your fair share of surfing during your time in the US, surfing in Australia is a whole new experience. Here, you’ll be shown the different surfing etiquettes, techniques and also get to learn about the various surf boards that are popularly used. After your first couple of efforts, you’ll be shown pictures of you surfing to demonstrate how you can improve next time around. The experience is both exciting and educative at the same time. More importantly, surfing in Australia is competitive, so you’ll get to learn from the best of the best.

Find the Pinnacle Desert

155 miles north of Perth is The Pinnacle Desert, which is home of hundreds of ancient limestone pillars that resemble tombs. It is a mysterious setting and part of the Nambung National Park, bordering the village of Cervantes in Western Australia.

It’s said that the limestones were formed over 30,000 years ago after the Indian Ocean coastal waves eroded the surrounding area, thereby exposing what is now The Pinnacle Desert. The impressive landscape is excellent for taking pictures and spending quality time with family.


Australia has something remarkable for everyone, and if you love adventure, then your prospective move to this country will prove to be a great decision.

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