How to renovate your bathroom on a budget

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According to Household Quotes, replacing a bathroom can cost anywhere from £2,500 to over £6,000 to complete. With such a high price tag on a total renovation, here are some creative alternatives to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.



  • Shabby chic or just plain shabby?



Take a look at your bathroom as it is and decide what does and does not work. Replacing units for the sake of having a completely new bathroom is simply a waste of money and it can quickly mean that you’ll break your budget.


That outdated avocado bath-tub might be considered ‘retro’ by adding a few pops of colour to the room and those dull off-white tiles could be transformed with a lick of high-quality paint. When you’re working on a tight budget, it always pays to “refurbish” rather than replace wherever you can.  



  • Shop around for everything (and we mean ‘everything’)  



If certain pieces simply have to go, consider replacing individual items rather than going for a totally new suite. This can lower your total bill dramatically while making your bathroom look completely new.


Homebuilding and Renovating list the average price for individual bathroom installations as follows:


  • Bath – between £480 and £1,000
  • Shower – between £50 and £2,000+
  • Sink – between £50 and £300+
  • Toilet – between £50 and £500


As you can see, prices in the industry can vary greatly. This is why you should always shop around for the lowest price possible.


The two things people always seem to forget when budgeting for home improvements are labour costs and the price to remove your old suite. If you’re not careful, these easily-forgotten charges can quietly push up your overall bill way out of your budget.


Make sure you get quotes on the complete installation cost; including materials, labour, and removals. Ask around for quotes from at least three local tradesmen and select the best price for you.



  • Do It Yourself as much as possible!



Another tip for staying within your budget is to DIY as much of the job as you can.


Of course, difficult areas like plumbing should only ever be carried out by a fully qualified professional. But when other jobs like tiling can cost you between £350 and £800 for just a tiny bathroom, it may be worth sacrificing a weekend to give it a go by yourself.



  • Little changes, big impact.



Other simple touches can have a huge impact on the appearance of your bathroom for a fraction of the cost of ripping out your old suite.


Replacing accessories like shower curtains and bathmats or even just switching to a new colour scheme with your towels can make your bathroom look completely revitalised. The other great perk is that this makeover takes just seconds (and you won’t need to turn your home into a building site in the process!).


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