Must Pack Items for Any Mom Planning to Travel with Kids

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Travelling is something that people look forward to any time of year. Whether you’re travelling far distances or somewhere much closer, it’s an opportunity to get away from everyday life and stress and experience relaxation, a different culture, fabulous sights, and a new cuisine. Of course, with travel comes an element of stress as there are lots of things to plan and organize in order for the trip to go smoothly. Now factor in travelling with kids, especially young ones, and suddenly the amount of stress you are under increases exponentially.

As a mom, the responsibility of getting them packed and organized tends to lie on your shoulders, and you also need to be the one that looks ahead and tries to anticipate various scenarios that could occur while you’re away so that you are prepared with the right items. Taking a methodical approach to packing is typically the best route to take, even if that means you write out a list of items you need to bring. And what are those items you absolutely need to pack? Here’s a list of items that should make the list.

A Comfortable Purse or Bag that is Hands-Free

How many times have you been out with the family only to find by the end of the day you’re the one holding the majority of the items? The kids tend to pass you their coat, toys, snacks, drinks, etc. and you just need to find a way to juggle it all.

Rather than fight it, it’s best to anticipate it and use a purse or bag for yourself that is hands-free. Something stylish like the Chloé backpack available here will be sure to impress and is a practical piece that allows you to stow your items in without having to hold it. The Chloé bag can be worn on your shoulders so you will have both your hands free. Now the Chloé backpack is also versatile in that you can remove the straps and carry the bag, which you may prefer if you happen to be out on your own.

Another tip is to ensure that the bag is large enough that it carries your necessities and those of the kids. Carrying everything in one spot means less things to lug around and carry, and it can make it easier to find an item in a hurry.

Let Them Pick One Favourite Toy to Bring

Space comes at a premium when packing, but some items are worth making the extra room for either in your suitcase, carry-on bag, or your child’s bag. Letting your kids pick one favourite toy to bring counts as that “must-pack item”. This item can end up soothing a crying or upset child, keeping them busy during periods of waiting, and just give them that sense of familiarity in a foreign destination. Clearly that one favourite item needs to be a reasonable size, so a bit of negotiating may be necessary.

Backup Shoes for the Kids

Even though one pair of comfortable walking shoes may be enough for you, with kids it’s a whole other story. Kids and messes are magnets to one another, so again it’s about anticipating all possible scenarios. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a pair of soaking wet or soiled shoes with nothing else to give them to wear. Packing a pair of extra shoes is just a wise plan.

Bring All Possible Medications Kids May Need

Another issue that can occur while on holiday that can really throw a spanner in the works is a child that isn’t feeling well. This is why you want to be sure you pack any and all medications they may need such as pain and fever relief, tummy relief, etc. You may even want to put a travel first aid kit together that contains their medication, bandages, a cold/hot pack, scissors, gauze, surgical tape, and antiseptic wipes.

A Tech Device that Keeps Them Busy

Here’s an item that can be a real lifesaver for parents, especially en route to the destination. Bringing along a portable movie player, smart phone, or tablet will keep the kids busy and happy. You can load up some new games, activities, and movies on the device right before you leave so they have something fun to look forward to. Just be sure to pack the charger(s) and have enough tech devices for each child so there is no fighting over whose turn it is.

A Car Seat If Needed

If your child still requires a car seat, then this is another item you will need to bring with you. If you plan on renting a car in the destination, then you may be able to also rent a seat through the car rental company. This is something you can ask about in advance.

It’s all about being prepared and organized, and anticipating the many different issues that could pop up while on holiday.

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