Top 5 Cities to Take Your Children for Vacation

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Deciding where to take your family on vacation can be an intimidating task. If you have young kids, you definitely want to make sure you take them to some wonderful places to continue building unforgettable childhood memories.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know which places are the best cities to bring kids on vacation! To help you in your decision-making process, we’ve made a list of our top five cities to take your children for a vacation.

So, without further ado, here are our picks:

5. New York City

This may not seem like the first place you’d think to take your kids, but a trip to New York City can be truly life-changing for children. There is so much to do in this city that it will be difficult for you to see all you want to even with a few days all to yourself! In particular, your kids will surely enjoy the spectacle that is Times Square—take them to the M&M’S store, the Hershey Store, and even bring the whole family to a Broadway musical for a great evening activity! You’ll even be able to insert some educational moments by bringing your kids to the many historic spots in NYC!

4. The Village by the Sea

If you have a kid who is incredibly enthusiastic about Legos, you’ll love taking them to Carlsbad, California. This is the famous city that is host to Legoland California, something that is surely the world’s best Legoland park of its kind. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to relax at the beach due to Carlsbad’s beautiful scenery. Those staying in Carlsbad can also consider taking a day trip north to Los Angeles or south to San Diego; both major cities are roughly the same distance away.

3. Anaheim, California

One of the most historic places to go in the wonderful state of California, the main attraction here for the kiddos is undoubtedly Disneyland. What was essentially the first theme park ever built when it opened in 1955 has since become a cultural landmark and a symbol for America. Taking the entire family to Disneyland will surely be an enjoyable experience, as it’s incredibly difficult to be upset while there! With the addition of Disney California Adventure at the beginning of the millennium, there are plenty of options for the whole family.

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a great tourist destination for those with kids, but the main attraction for people visiting is Walt Disney World (WDW). Building on the formula that Disneyland standardized, WDW helped turn theme parks into a true art form, turning the idea of a theme park into an entire resort property! Highly recommended for those who want to see something truly wonderful that exemplifies the art of the entertainment industry. Orlando also has plenty of amazing restaurants for when you want to take a break from the Disney action, including a lot of kid-friendly spots!

1. San Diego, California

At the top of our list is San Diego, a city that is undoubtedly the most lively destination on our list. This is because that (among many other things), San Diego has some of the most beautiful sights to see in all of California. Taking the kids to the parks will give you a good way to tell them about the history of the area—after you’ve given them some education, take them to museums in San Diego to show them some of the most engaging and enjoyable attractions you can find on the west coast.

Well there you have it – five great places to take your kids on vacation. So what are you waiting for?

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