Dressing like Meghan Markle

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When she was the star of the hit show Suits, Meghan Markle’s beauty and style were often the topics of conversation in many articles. After Markle became the fiancée and then bride of one of royalty’s most eligible bachelors, the public fascination with her evolving style became even more impassioned.


Elegant and put together with a bit more flirty flare than Kate Middleton, Meghan’s style was as approachable as it was enviable. As she transitioned from Hollywood starlet to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s style changed as well. While she was always stylish and beautiful, Meghan’s style became more muted and elegant when she started to be publicly seen with Prince Harry. Her jewelry became more understated and simple (though much more costly), her cleavage-baring dresses were stashed away for good, as were the bodycon dresses she wore to show off her stunning figure.


In their place, Meghan began to wear timeless dresses in solid tones—with navy being a particular favorite for 2018. Knee-length, boat neck, and crew neck dresses are some of Meghan’s favorites, which is why it’s no surprise that she chose an open boat neckline for her first wedding dress.


Described as “timeless, minimal elegance,” Meghan’s debut dress was a silk, quarter-length sleeve, A-line wedding dress without any lace or visible embellishments. This dress launched a thousand copies around the world as brides scrambled to replicate that elegant, simple beauty. Meghan’s dress was all about paying homage to the woman wearing it and not using Meghan as a mannequin for the dress. It elevated her natural beauty instead of distracting from it.


Meghan’s reception dress was more casual but still elegant. This dress was only briefly seen as Harry and Meghan were whisked away in a vintage convertible. The white halter neck gown was another simple, chic number that showed a bit more skin with Meghan’s shoulders and back being bare. This dress was kept more private for their equally private reception.


If you want to channel some of Meghan Markle’s stunning personal style, your first step is to know exactly what your size is and to invest in a tailor. Meghan’s clothing is always perfectly cut to her frame, which suggests to us that the newly minted duchess makes extensive use of a tailor.


Using a tailor doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, but it can take a piece of clothing from passable to perfect. Meghan’s clothing is always slim-fitting, but never tight, since that can look cheap. Buy clothing for the biggest part of your body and then have it tailored down to fit the rest of you. Or you can just shop in an online store, like JJ’s House, which offers customization option for wedding dresses to ensure the fitness.


You’ll also want to invest in clothing with good fabrics. Meghan is never seen in clingy, filmy clothing since it can be less flattering and can be unreliable when being photographed. Cotton, tweeds, wools, and other longer wearing, high-quality material will last longer and lay better. For inspiration, look not only to pictures of Meghan but also to photos of other timeless style icons, like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.

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