Stopping Your Home From Losing Its Cool

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A stuffy, stifling home is not something you want to come home to, but during the hottest weather – it’s almost a certainty. Taking the right measures to keep your home cool can help you feel more comfortable and able to relax in your home. There are lots of different things you can do to keep your home cool, and hopefully, the following will give you some inspiration no matter what your budget is.

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Block out the sun during the day

Having the sun blaze down on your home all day will make it extremely hot by the time you get home at the end of the day. Help to block out the sun by opening your windows – especially the ones that are out of reach and use blinds or curtains to provide some shade.

Try the fan and ice method

Having some fans around your home can be a great idea to keep your home cool. However, if the air within your home is warm, all they’ll be doing is blowing warm air around. Try some fan tricks that will help you to make the most of your fan. Placing your fan in front of a bucket of ice is ideal for creating your own makeshift AC, giving you a portable option you can move around your home!

Keep your bedroom cool

Long, hot nights make it very difficult to get to sleep. Some of the tricks for getting to sleep in the heat include spraying your bedding with cool water before you get in it, putting your bedding in the freezer and filling a hot water bottle with cold water. The materials you choose for your bedding and nightwear can also make a difference, so look for breathable fabrics like cotton to help you survive those hot nights.

Take a cool shower before bed

A cool shower before bed could be just what you need to help you sleep more comfortably. It will bring your body temperature down, ready to help your body sleep.

Upgrade your A/C system

Many people choose not to use their A/C because of concerns over costs. If you upgrade your system, however, you could end up with something that’s a little bit more economical but still keeps your home nice and cool. If your A/C breaks down, be sure to get home A/C repair in straight away – you’ll soon miss it during those summer months! Thanks to timers and smart systems, you can control your air conditioning from wherever you are, helping you save money while also making sure your home is cool when you need it. Make sure you protect your AC unit to help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Keeping your home cool can sometimes be more difficult than keeping it warm. Follow some of the steps above to help you make it through those sweaty days to ensure a happier home for everyone.

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