The 10 Best Things to See and Do in Fresno

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Whether you plan to visit or have just moved to Fresno and want to start exploring, California’s fifth largest city just behind San Francisco with a population of around 520,000, offers lots of options, but these are arguably the first you should check off your must-see and -do list.


Forestier Underground Gardens


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Forestiere Underground Gardens offers a unique view of ancient Roman architecture along with a variety of trees, vines and shrubs, some of which are nearly a century old. Built over 40 years by Sicilian immigrant Baldasare Forestiere, visitors walk through underground passages and rooms for a glimpse of the Mediterranean in the heart of California.


Fresno Art Museum


Established in 1940, this small but impressive museum offers a wide range of exhibits with works from nearly every culture and location around the world, from Peru and Mexico to the Punjab region of India. It also hosts artist talks, workshops and educational programs.


Fresno Chaffee Zoo


Popular with all ages, Fresno’s zoo is home to nearly 200 species of animals, about half of which are part of the Species Survival Plan that focuses on protecting and breeding rare creatures. Some of the highlights include the African Adventure in which visitors can view giraffes, elephants and cheetahs, a petting zoo and Stingray Bay which offers the chance to touch and feed stingrays.


Woodward Park


A wonderful place for a stroll, Woodward Park is a sanctuary in the city which hosts an authentic Japanese Garden with over 100 bonsai plants and a tea house, an expansive bird park, walking trail, picnic and activity areas.


Meux Home Museum


This museum sits inside a grand Victorian home which brings the history of Fresno to life. It’s worth a visit to see the exterior alone, but you’ll discover many treasures inside as well.


Kearney Mansion Museum


Another great way to explore Fresno’s history, the 1903 Kearny Mansion is one of Fresno’s most important historical sites, made up of two buildings, a main residence and adjoining servants’ quarters, built at the bequest of M. Theo Kearney, one of California’s agricultural pioneers, referred to as the “Raisin King.” The home still contains half of its original furnishings, including the wallpaper and art nouveau light fixtures, while replicas help to create the full picture of the period.


Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theatre


Enjoy dinner and a show at this long-time dinner theater, opened four decades ago featuring popular productions like Guys & Dolls, The Sound of Music and Footloose, with an award-winning chef preparing an especially mouthwatering menu to go along with the entertainment.


The Historic Warnors Theatre


The historic Warnors Theatre opened its doors back in 1928. Known for its historic pipe organ installed the year it opened, it features a variety of musicals, children’s shows, movies and comedy performances.


Vineyard Farmers Market


This nearly 40-year-old market offers locally-grown fruits and vegetables on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, along with fresh, local honey and a wide range of treats from prepared food vendors, including lots of baked goods made from organic and/or locally-sourced ingredients.


Downtown Fresno


Just taking a walk through sunny downtown Fresno is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, with its historical buildings like the Bank of Italy Building and the Fresno Water Tower, along with impressive public art spread throughout.

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