Top Fun Things To Do In Italy

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The spectacular region of Italy needs no introduction as it is among the most famous travel destinations in Europe. The state has a high impact globally, and its artwork, beautiful places, crumbling ruins and castles make it an excellent holiday destination. You will also love the vibrant cities such as Rome and other less crowded areas where you can have great getaways with family and friends.

The food in Italy is delicious; the state has beautiful countryside and great wine to sum your trip up. Last year, I packed for a trip to Italy, and I loved every bit of it. The ancient streets, vineyards and the laid-back nature of the State is something to die for.

Here are a few selections of the best places to visit and the things to do while there.

Explore Rome

There is no better place to be than Rome. You have probably heard of this phrase from many people, and I’m here to tell you they were right. The city is filled with ancient history, iconic food formulates, monuments and loads of other activities that make it the ideal destination for anyone who wishes to explore the world.

From café bars for all ages, old worshipped gods, delicious and cultural meals, everything is just fantastic. In this city are cool things that people want to see and do. Who does not want to see the Pantheon, St. Peters and Coliseum?

When planning for a trip to Rome, you must decide on the main places that you wish to visit and the key things to do first to avoid dilemma. Some of the unusual places to visit are like the cat café. Sounds funny right? You will, however, fall in love with it right away. The interiors are spectacular, but you will love the cats even more. You can spend as much time as you wish eating raw vegan cake as you bond with the cats. You will never want to leave the place.

On the second day, visit the Sistine Chapel, which is a part of Vatican Museums. The chapel was named after Pope Sixtus. Every wall of the chapel is covered with arts, and some scripture stories such as the story of Christ and Moses featured on its walls. Opposite to the entrance is a huge wall, with the story of the Last Judgment featured on it. The arts and their designs are unique and worth checking.

Complete your stay in Rome by taking a hop-on-hop-off tour by bus and spend your day sightseeing and exploring all the attraction sites such as Vatican City and Colosseum. You can hop on and off at any destination as you wish. The best way to go about it is to get a ticket valid for at least 24 or 48 hours, so you can explore as much as you want. There is also an upgrade option that allows you to enter the Sistine Chaple, Vatican and Roman Forum.

rome Italy

Visit Naples

Also referred to as the Grande Dame, Naples is one of the most spectacular cities in Italy and happens o e among the oldest and largest cities in Europe. The town is filled with sceneries and unusual activities to take on holidays either with your family and friends. From trying their Pizza, which has been ranked among the best to exploring the Pompeiian ruins, you can never be bored.

The streets in the city are beautified with character and modern life. The routine here is simple yet very relaxing. You only need to eat, go for pizza, pray, play mainly for the football lovers and sleep. The list of things to explore in Naples is endless. Talk of sunny islands, beaches, volcano, and ancient history, I mean, what else would one wish for a summer holiday?

While here, you cannot miss out on Herculaneum and Pompeii. These are Italy’s most favorite tourist’s spots, and you can choose to visit them on one long-day trip, or you could split the visits into two depending on how much time you have. You get a chance to learn more about ancient Roman life.

Do not forget to visit the national museum and see where most of the stuff from the two sites mentioned here (Pompeii and Herculaneum) are kept. The museum also houses one of the most significant collections of Roman art, and you will also be amazed by its unique and rare design.

You have not visited Naples if you do not explore the Naples underground. Yes! You read that right. You can still explore the area underneath the historic center. Napoli Sotteranea is worth a stop as you get to see ruins from the Roman and Greek times.

Finally, you can take a tour to Almalfi coast or the Islands nearby if you still have time.


Explore Tuscany

There are lots of activities to take and things to do in Tuscany, and as much as you may wish to explore everything, you must have a selection if you want the tour to be a success. From Chianti wine tour to horseback riding and Vespa tour, you can never get enough of the place. You will also get a chance to attend cooking classes, something that ensures that at least you get to leave with something when going back home. For the bike lovers, the Chianti bike tour has your back, if you love swimming, the hot springs are there to ensure that you enjoy being in the water at your most favorable temperature and if you like walking, there is still something for you.

We stayed in Tuscany (Your name and surname), a spectacular region located in central Italy. Tuscany is one of the most fabulous art warehouses in the world. It is filled with frescoes, architectural masterpieces, and amazing paintings and sculptures. We enjoyed every minute spent here as we were able to explore the arts, the scenic countryside, tasted the wine, trekked at the mountain path and rolled down the hills. There is a lot to see there, and we had trouble deciding where to start.

When in Tuscany, we spent much time in Chianti, a region renowned for its wine and hills. If you love wine tasting, you are undoubtedly likely to enjoy the place. The cliffs are spectacular which happens to be among the best in the world. We then headed to Siena, where we got a chance to explore the architecture and Tuscany’s fantastic history. You cannot visit Italy and fail to go to Siena. You will only miss a lot.

After a long day of exploration, we had to look for a place to lie down and relax as we looked forward to the next day. We were looking for a simple, calm yet unique place to spend the night and luckily we came across the castle of Montalto. Again, the place was magnificent, peaceful and the best to relax and unwind. It has so many villas that we had trouble choosing one, but eventually, we settled for San Giovanni West, a villa that provided a breathtaking panorama with sunsets.

The place was super friendly. We did not want to leave as we felt like the villa had turned to be our new home. The meals, comfort, beautiful paintings, cooking lessons, and other activities led us to spend two days here, which made us lose track of time. We bonded well with the place and people, nature, and climate.

I loved the moments spent at the Castle of Montalto. We all left the place having learned new things and with a new, better way of viewing life. I got a chance to rediscover old and new emotions, smells, flavors, new images and memories that I will never forget.

The castle also includes exclusive villas for rent and Agriturismo, a famous farmhouse in Italy. What is unique about this farm?  Here they produce honey, oil, eggs and vegetables, all natural without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

We visited the farm and had a blast. We honestly did not want to go back home as every moment spent here was like a dream that we did not wish to put to an end. We, however, had to go back eventually and the whole vacation is still stack in our mind. We came back with lots of beautiful memories that have changed our lives completely. We have resumed work, and with no doubts, we have come back better than we left. We now have new goals; we feel energized which has helped improve our performance. We went back to the Castle of Montalto near Siena both before and after the vacation, which has changed our lives for the better.

tuscany with kids

Enjoy the scenes in Florence

Florence is the Soul of Italy and Tuscany, and it shines with lots of beautiful sceneries and attractions located all over the city. You will get an opportunity to discover myriads of architecture and exquisite artwork. All the arts are made to represent the culture of the city.

There is a lot you can do, and places to visit in Florence and choosing one becomes a dilemmatic issue. The top sites include the Uffizi Gallery, the city’s top museum and a cite where you get to see Botticelli’s. The museum is filled with ancient pieces and artwork.

Visit the Palazzo Vecchio and at the entrance, you will see a replica of David indicating his original position since 1873. The Hall of Five Hundred is also a part of this building. Do not forget to pass by the Florence Cathedral, which is also known as il Duomo. The structure provides a cute view of the city’s rooftops amid rolling hills, the Tuscan hills.

If you are looking for a friendly place to spend time with kids, there is a place for you in Florence. The Children’s Museum of the Shoals is the place to be. The museum is vibrantly colored and entails a lot of things that children will love. The children will learn and still have fun. It is meant to them learn about the local heritage while understanding the basis of arts and culture.

When it comes to getting a place that has something for everyone, then Deibert Park is the place. The park lies on over 70 acres and has a thing for the young, teens and those in their 40s. It is home to museums, walking trails and ponds where you can sit and enjoy your leisure. Even better; it has a separate kids’ playground with modern play equipment to ensure that you can all have fun.

You can finally go to the Splash Pad, a city park that is known and loved for its water jets.  It was initially known as the River Heritage Park, and the place has something to keep everyone engaged. From slides, swings, and refreshing trees, you will with no doubts love spending time here.


A trip to Lombardy

From the gleaming lakes of Northern Italy to the foothills of the Alps, Lombardy is one region worth visiting during your trip to Italy. The region is filled with attractions, sites, and activities that cover everyone’s likes and preferences. Lombardy is popular due to its welcoming locals, Germanic-come-Italo foods and the fact that it is industrial wealthy. The enclave never fails to impress.

You can start by going to Mantua, one of the most loved destinations in Italy. It is found on the southern-east of Lombardy, and one of the things that you are likely to love here are the three artificial lakes that surround it. These lakes are believed to have been created in the 12th century, and if you are a lover of history, you will undoubtedly love exploring them. What’s more? The city is rich in cultural site and landscapes, the kinds that you can never find anywhere else. The Gonzaga family resided here and made the city an art, culture and musical hub of Italy.

Palazzo Vertemate Franchi is also worth stopping by.  Located in Prosto di Piuro, this palace was built in the 16th century by Luigi Vertemate Franchi and Guglielmo, to brothers who came from a wealthy family. You can tour around its interior especially if you love arts as the palace is made up of lots of compartments and unique designs that could inspire you.

Visit Lake Como, a popular scenic destination dotted with villages along the waterfront and rich of Rhaetian Alps in the background. It is a perfect destination for wealthy people who wish to retreat and witness the gorgeous scenes. Today, it is s spot for celebrity sightings such as George Clooney.

Finally, if you still have some time left, go to Catello di Mapaga which sits in Cavernago. It was known as the home to Bartolomeo Colleoni, a renowned soldier who gained his wealth and power when fighting for other people. The castle is much fun to explore if you find yourself around Lombardy.  


Explore Veneto

Deciding on which places to visit while in Veneto can be a hard task.  The region is full of sceneries and historic sites that you would not miss. From villas, lakes, and mountains, everyone is covered. You can start your tour by going to Verona, a region known for the house and balcony believed to have belonged to Juliet from the story, Rome and Juliet. The area is also home to museums, a castle, and shopping centers. You can also have a good time with family and friends at Piazza Bra.

From there you can go to Padua, which is a walled city known for hosting the oldest botanical garden in Europe. It is also a great historical center.

You cannot miss out on Brenta River, which is situated Padua and Venice. Along the river are old villas from the 15th-18th century. Although some of them are not open to the public, there are still some that you can visit and witness the beauty.

You can then visit Marostica, a small town famous for hosting a main squire and castle above and walls that lead up the hill to the castle. Every year in September, the main square is turned into a chess board for the chess lovers.

Spare some time and visit the Bassano del Grappa, which is named after Monte Grappa. This is a beautiful medieval town along the Brenta River, famous for its grappa, Alpine wooden bridge, and ceramics. While in Bassano del Grappa, you will have a better chance to visit Palladian villas, the castles of the Veneto or if you like, you can go hiking in the mountains.

Later you can visit Lake Garda, the largest and most visible lake in Italy. The eastern shore of the lake is in the Veneto region and therefore while in Veneto, you can spare some time and visit there. Nearby the lake is Gardaland, a sizeable spectacular park where you can relax as you lie calmly with family or friends.

Finally, you can set aside a whole day to tour around Marostica, Asolo, Bassano del Grappa, Palladian villa, and Treviso.


Italy is a fantastic destination for anyone this holiday and I would totally recommend it. Ensure that you get your tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush and park all the gears that you may need for the trip. Have a memorable vacation by booking today!



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