5 awesome Gifts a New Dad will love

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Most new dads are always excited about their new role of parenting. However, the role can be accompanied by fatigue and lack of sleep. Without a proper support system, new dads can easily breakdown. That is why it is crucial for family and friends to shower new dads with gifts once in a while as a way to show them that they are valued. If you are not sure on the kind of gift to offer a friend or relative who just had a baby, then here is a list.

1. Baby carrier

Previously, it would be hard to find a man carrying a baby in a carrier. However, things have changed and it looks super cool to find a dad carrying a baby in a carrier and walking majestically in the mall. As you make a choice on the best carrier to purchase, ensure that it is classy for a man and that it is sturdy enough to offer proper back support. Of course, you don’t want the new dad to start complaining of backaches. The colors should also be neutral so that the dad feels comfortable using it.

2. A Parenting Guide Book

You may think that a new dad has it all together but he is just acting strong. Most likely he does not have a clue about what to do with the baby or even how to support the mother. A book with loads of information regarding babies would be helpful. It should be comprehensive such that he can refer to it whenever he has doubts about anything. It will encourage and also teach the new dad ways of being a supportive husband and a loving dad.

3. Matching T-shirts

A t-shirt with some cool writings such as ‘papa bear’ and ‘baby bear’ would be appreciated by the new dad. Ever stared at a dad carrying a baby along the streets and they are both wearing matching clothes? It is cool, right? If you feel the mom will feel left out, then you can also include one for her. The whole family can get involved with this cool trend – grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, the possibilities are endless! I recently got matching outfits for my niece aged 6 and myself – kids of all ages love matching with a beloved family member!

4. A camera

There is nothing as memorable as having photos and videos of your small baby because it is impossible to go back in time once they are all grown up. Imagine presenting a gift of their childhood photos to your son or daughter when they turn 18 years old – it would be a gift they will treasure forever. A new dad would appreciate a camera so that he can capture memories of his small baby. Besides, most men love cameras and they might end up adopting photography as a new hobby.

5. Baby Stroller

These days it is not only moms who are expected to take babies for a walk. At times the mother needs a break so that she can relax. A stroller would come in handy because even babies calm down when they are taken outside for some sunbathing. Just as it feels good to go out for a walk when you feel stressed, it is the same effect for a small baby who has been crying for the better part of the day. If you are not sure which new gift to offer the newest dad in town, then a stroller would be a good bet.


New dads can feel awkward the first few months before they fully adopt their new roles. As a supportive friend or relative, you can help make them feel better with a great gift. A gift would be appreciated because it reminds them that someone, somewhere cares. Some of the best new gift ideas include a baby stroller, a baby carrier, matching t-shirts, a parenting guide book, and a camera.

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