Gambling Innovations We’ll See Before 2020

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The gambling industry has been moving at the same rate as technology has. Therefore, as the year progresses, new inventions will become evident in the gaming industry. Below are some of the most thrilling gaming inventions that will be a reality come the year 2020.

Virtual Reality

During the last few years, virtual reality has grown from small to huge business. Modern inventions of VR headsets like Samsung Gas, PlayStation, and Oculus Rift VR are results of new technology. This has led to much talk about VR and its potential growth of the gambling sector in the near future. Further, virtual reality casinos such as the SlotsMillion and Casino VR are some of the advancements in the gambling industry. This is a product that has great potential despite challenges such as peer-to-peer communication flawed graphics facing VR casinos.   

Other developments in the pipeline worth watching are the release of virtual reality slots from NetEnt developers, with others are expected to follow.

Players will have a chance to enjoy the experiences of their land-based casinos from the comfort of their homes and in a more sensible way than deal with live dealer casinos, thanks to this technology.

Advanced Mobile Platforms

During the year 2016, mobile gaming revenues had exceeded computer console and PC gaming revenues according to reports. This revenue growth was attributed to mobile gambling games. Players also have a desire for gaming and it trickles to mobile gaming. Other platforms include the online casinos, mobile eSports gaming and mobile virtual reality casinos which are an indicator that mobile is the future of gambling let alone being the past and present

Widespread eSports Betting

Reports from researchers estimate that revenue from the eSports industry could rise to 1.5billion dollars by the year 2020. This is a confirmation that the eSports industry is growing really fast and will soon become the talk of the gambling industry in the near future. This growth is already evidenced by the global eSports tournaments cropping up year after year.

A good example to illustrate the above is the LoL Championship, a maiden competition which had a prize of $100,000, 1.6 million viewers in the year 2011. After just five years, this tournament had 43 million viewers and the prize stood at 6.7 million dollars. Other games with significant prize growth are Dota 2 and bingo slot games.


This is a technology that has been in the industry for the last ten years and most people are aware of it. Bitcoin happens to be the most common cryptocurrency which was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and is largely regarded as the first digital currency. Primecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin cryptocurrencies have then emerged after Bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin has also grown since it was introduced and its exchange rate is almost equivalent to 4,300 dollars at the moment. The number of people using Bitcoin as a method of payment has grown over the years to almost 6 million despite facing heavy criticism. The gambling industry has also adopted Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Further, specific Bitcoin casinos have even established to deal with the demand for funding gambling accounts using this mode of payment that is continuously on the rise.

Reformed Legal Regulations

The legal setting of gambling has for long encountered much unrest with introductions of laws prohibiting gambling every so often. However, the negative attitude and punitive laws are slowly coming to an end especially with online gambling which has been legalized in some US states, and countries like Morocco and Japan. Considering the economic benefits of this lucrative industry, legalization can only spread further by 2020.   


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