Dental Hygiene Gadgets For Traveling

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Travelling can be a very stressful process and with a number of things to remember to pack, there are often essential items such as a toothbrush or toothpaste that often gets forgotten about. However, with a number of travel sized products and brand new gadgets specially designed for travelling, you have got yourself covered until you return home and visit a dentist. But before you travel, it is important to have a check-up at an orthodontist dental surgery in London or your local area to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible before your travel. If you are given the all clear, then getting the right gadgets is essential and we have the answers here!

Whitening Strips

The last thing that you think about when travelling is whitening your teeth, but with dissolving teeth whitening strips, you can care for your teeth with minimal effort. These can be stored within a handbag or a suitcase and used every night to deep clean the teeth and help to reduce staining. This is particularly useful for those that have regular teeth whitening when at home as you can upkeep the normal routine as a result. These can also be packed for the whole family to use as they can be easily stored and reduce the need for other teeth cleaning products when on a family trip.  

Travel Toothbrush

A travel sized toothbrush is the perfect way to maintain your oral hygiene when on holiday. With some that fold into a glasses like case and others that fold down into a case the size of a matchbox, you do not have to compromise on a full sized toothbrush in the process. This is great for those that are travelling a lot as the foldable brush remains protected from bacteria and remains fresher for much longer. This is also a cost-effective way of cleaning your teeth as they come in a pack of four or more, allowing you to pack multiple if you’re going on a much longer trip.


Another benefit is when travelling is an air floss. This sends water in between the teeth to efficiently clean away any build up that could lead to cavities or other problems such as gum decease or other forms of decay. Although some air floss machines can be slightly bulky in nature, they are highly beneficial to have as this will ensure that your teeth are deep cleaned every night. This is key when travelling as you can be spending long days trying brand new food and drinks and therefore, you need to keep your teeth as clean as possible.


Another way that you can care for your teeth whilst travelling is mouth wash. Although you cannot take the full size of your favourite mouth wash on holiday with you, you can take either a travel size or a packet of Listerine go tabs to help you on the move. These can be stored within your bag and can provide the deep clean that is needed throughout the day. This is particularly useful for younger children as a teeth cleaning regime is highly important. By carrying mouth wash on your trip you can ensure that all the family have the deep clean that is needed after a long day.

Regardless of whether you are travelling abroad or you are taking a trip up the countries, there are a number of ways that you can still follow your daily oral care routine without compromising on space within your suitcase.

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