Types of Casino games

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Online casino games are now a huge part of the online gambling community, with thousands of titles of offer from a range of very talented designers and developers. Follow this link to learn more about online casino and how you can get involved.


Pushing the boat out seems to be the main trend when it comes to online slots, with so many different themes, symbols and new ways to play the old fashioned fruit machine. Knowing this is the case, or more so quickly realising it when you find yourself bombarded with an array of different slot machines, can lead to feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Which casino games are the best? Which ones pay the most? And what types of slot games are there?


Well, we are going to attempt to at least answer the latter question, as we explain to use the types of online slot games that you will find out there in the big, exciting and always expanding world of online gambling.

3 reel slots

Something of a rare sight these days in the complex landscape of online slot games and fruit machines, the 3 reel slot is the classic layout.


Consisting of just 3 reels on your game screen, you simply have to match symbols on one of the lines to create a win. It is as simple as that and often these games will have a retro feel, playing to the charm of the slot games that still flash and flicker in the corner of your local public house.

5 reel Casino slots

Arguably the most common slot you will find out there, will be a 5 reel slot.


Quite simply, this means that the slot game has 5 reels. You may find a lot of these are 5 reels by 3 rows, making for fifteen symbols on the reels at any time. Creating winning combos therefore, is possible from left to right and often, up and down. Getting a combination of 5 symbols in a row is usually the most rewarding, depending on whether that is made of low paying or high paying icons.

Progressive Slot

Progressive slots are called as such because their prizes keep growing and growing as you play. More concerned with the pay system here, rather than the layout, the more often you win, the more you win is the simple formula for success here.


Prizes can be tallied up, maybe resulting in bonuses and mini games, for a slot game with a real (or should that be reel?) narrative.

Mobile Casino Games

There are a number of casino games out there that have been specifically created for your smartphone.


Running perfectly well on a smaller screen, often in a portrait mode, these are games that are just supremely tailored for your smart phone. Usually available as an app or at least playable in your smartphone internet browser of choice, these are perfect games for playing on the go.


There are plenty more kinds of casino games out there, but the best thing to do to learn about them is to get out there and play… so what are you waiting for?

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