Tattoos You Won’t Forget

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What I love about art is it comes in many forms, from dancing, to singing, to tattooing. What I love about tattoo art is the fact that you become the walking billboard of the art you love the most. Finding Ink is a great source for learning more about body art. Not sure where to begin? Check out Finding Ink to discover artists, shops, and tattoos.

Ornamental Tattoo

I think what most people can appreciate about an ornamental tattoo is the beautiful bold dark rich pattern look. Depending on the tattoo style one can achieve a tribal type of a look. In my opinion, this style of body art is very masculine, but it can also pose as attractive depending on who has the tattoo.

Today’s technology is so amazing because you have the ability to see what an ornamental tattoo would look like on your body before actually getting the tattoo. To do this you would use an app called Inkhunter.

Black and Gray Tattoos

Black and gray tattoos are very popular for many reasons. Oftentimes, it’s just a better choice of design for an individual’s skin complexion and it comes in handy when the person getting the tattoo is looking for a more realistic look such as a portrait. And you will find that there are tattoo artists that only tattoo using black and gray ink. Often these two colors are more appealing on the skin due to the various ranges of values used on the skin. Colored tattoos are impressive as well, but with the use of only two color scales, the artist eliminates any distractions.

Tribal Art

Tribal art is very impressive because it often tells a story and it’s also a historical moment captured on ink. What I appreciate about tribal art tattoo is often the same value of color is used in the tattoo with various shapes to showcase a tribal display. The rich black ink can be seen from afar if the design has one-inch patterns or thicker.

Travel and Tattoos

As I’ve stated at the beginning of this article your tattoo allows you to be a mobile art exhibit. So choose your style of art wisely. Tattoos have come a very long way. Looking back, for those that had tattoos, they were placed in a certain category as if they were more aggressive or possibly a trouble maker. But that logic has changed.

As technology continues to expand, tattooing also continues to get better. Many people are using an app called Soundwave Tattoos. This app is amazing because it allows a person to hear their tattoo recording. The tattoo would typically be tatted as a soundwave. The soundwave tattoo on the skin is a real recording of anything you want. The app when placed up against the tattoo allows you to hear the tattoo.

A Dying Loved One

Imagine you have a loved one that you really cherish and want to hear their voice forever. You could record their voice and have it transferred into a soundwave tattoo. Now, in my opinion, the best time to saver the moment is when your loved one is strong and healthy. Record the moment you both said “I Do” and create a soundwave tattoo. Tattooing is also a really good field to get into because so many people want a tattoo. Thousands of people get tattoos every day. People are not buying tangible art like they use to. And if they do purchase wall art, it’s to decorate their home. While it does take time and skill to tattoo, an artist can make a fairly good income from tattooing rather small pieces of art.

Tat and Travel

Tattoo artists can travel and make money. When you are a tattoo artist, you can have clients where ever you choose. You’re not confined to a building. As an artist, it is important for you to always have an artist portfolio book. By now you should see the beauty in tattoo art. You can never learn enough about tattooing. It’s truly amazing.

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