What to Look For in a Mattress and What to Avoid

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Buying a new mattress can be daunting. It’s important to remember that this is a long term investment that will pay for itself with the right diligence. Here are some tips to help you find the right mattress for you without causing a headache.

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How do you Sleep?

What seems like an irrelevant question should be at the very core of your quest for a new mattress. How you sleep, on your side, on your back or stomach, defines what material you need. If you experience back and neck pains, it could be that your current mattress isn’t properly supporting you for how you sleep, where others have experienced a wonderful night’s sleep on the same model.

This is because of how the mattress responds to the pressure, curvature and heat of your body. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their ability to mold to the shape of your body, but if you are a restless sleeper this can be a problem.

Check Online Reviews

Reviews are your best tool for finding a great quality product. Find reviews with similar needs to your own; a restless side sleeper’s review may not be relevant to a peaceful stomach sleeper. Click here for the best rated reviews taking into account many factors to find the best brands.

It’s also worth noting that only a customer can tell you honestly if they’re happy with their purchase. It might be that the product degrades after a year into a much lower quality version, or if there was trouble with deliveries. Companies will go to great lengths to prevent bad reviews so a sharp eye is needed to find the best retailers.

Misleading Information

Some brands claim to have qualities such as high-density memory foam when in reality only the top layer is what they claim. This can severely affect the lifespan and comfort of the mattress. Another tactic used by brands is to claim their product is “made in the USA” when they are only assembled in America from materials shipped from China. This is important as it can tell you the quality of the materials used and if they’ve been treated with harsh chemicals and perfumes. For such an important part of your life, it’s worth taking a little extra time to dig deep and find out where the mattress really comes from.

Look for Guarantees and Warranties

One good indicator as to whether a product is genuine or not is the quality of the warranty; if a manufacturer claims their mattress will leave you happy for ten years, they could just be trying to win you over, but if they offer a 10 year replacement guarantee then they must have incredible confidence in their product. On the other hand, if a m

attress looks great on paper but only offers a 6-month replacement warranty then it’s quite possible they don’t expect the product to retain its quality after the warranty is over.

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