8 Best Ways to Spend Time While Travelling as a Student

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Although travelling is considered valuable experience for every individual regardless of age, for a college student, there is much more to it than it may seem. It is believed that travelling while being an undergrad brings more benefits. It helps young people gain new perspectives, grow as individuals, develop confidence and compassion, as well as achieve more independence. Sounds like a good deal, right? 

Now, what if we tell you that students can get even more benefits from their trips with a few simple tips? In this article, we are going to tell you how to spend your time abroad most effectively.

Top Travel Tips for Students


Do you want to travel with purpose and get the most of these experiences? Here are some of the most fun and beneficial ideas on how to spend your time on trips:


Excursions and Tours


One of the most obvious but yet effective ways to spend time abroad is to take free (or paid) excursions around the chosen destination. Every touristic city offers a lot of tours, both walking, and on wheels. So we call for students to consider those. Attending famous sights, visiting galleries and museums, learning a bit more about the history of the place history, and just enjoying the unique architecture of your destination will help you spend marvellous time while travelling as a student!


Take a Language Course


One of the best ways to explore new countries and their culture, at the same time, achieving the most benefit of your trip is to study a local language. Taking a language course in the state of its origin will help you spend time with purpose and understand the culture better! Finally, knowing a foreign language will be a great benefit to your future employment.


Blend in the Local Culture


One of the biggest benefits of travelling is that it allows people to learn about new cultures from the inside. Thus, one of the best ideas for students’ pastime abroad is to really integrate into the local culture. There are quite many ways of doing this. For example, attending local festivals and other cultural events may be a good idea. Also, students can try a new cuisine, take tours to culturally-important sights, etc.


Focus on Education


Whether having a short trip abroad or taking a gap year to discover the world, one of the best ways to spend this time is to engage in education. There are much more educational travelling opportunities that most students think. You can participate in various exchange programs, take educational tours, or just continue getting your degree remotely. In any case, we encourage you not to forget about the main idea of being a college student even if you are going abroad. 


What if you won’t have enough time? You have much more control over your education than one can imagine! After all, if you are really running short of time to complete a specific task, you can always turn for help of an essay writing service and get a high grade with fewer efforts! Besides, there are plenty of educational opportunities abroad. 


Make Friends Among Locals


Every trip abroad is a unique opportunity to make good life-long connections, so don’t miss that part. Making local friends is great in so many ways! First of all, they can give students an insight into local history, tradition, and culture. Also, they can make a good company during your trip. Finally, a local person can give you the best advice on spots to visit.


Gap Year Programs


It may seem that spending a whole summer abroad is enough to explore your destination and get the most of the trip. However, that’s not quite true. As long as you get a bit settled and ready for exploring, the time starts flying way faster. Another good idea is to reconsider the period of your stay. Much more valuable and memorable experience is gained from gap year programs, so we encourage students to consider such opportunities.




Want a travelling opportunity that will reflect positively on your resume? Then getting an internship abroad is your best bet! Becoming a foreign intern offers quite a few benefits. First of all, it is a great opportunity for students on tight budgets as it allows them to combine working and exploring the world. Secondly, it always looks good on a resume, so it is a good investment in your future.




Another great idea is to engage in different kinds of volunteering activities while travelling. Quite many programs are available for young volunteers, and they are often either very cheap or free. This is a brilliant idea on how to spend time while exploring the world because it adds a higher purpose to your trips. Becoming a part of such programs helps in making friends and exploring the world. Besides, having some volunteering experience also looks good on a CV.


Travelling while still being in college offers completely new perspectives and brings lots of benefits. Thus, we encourage all students to grab every opportunity that comes along their way! 


Wrapping up this article, we would like to give you one more tip – don’t let the budget matters hold you back! There is a common belief that travelling comes at a really high price. However, it may be not as expensive as most students think. To prove this statement, get a true insight from someone who’s already done it, and you will realize that it is more affordable than most belief.

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