Compassion Matters: Differentiating Hospice and Palliative Care

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During illness, the needs of patients can go beyond medications and treatment. Sometimes, all they need is comfort, warmth, and compassionate care. This is what makes palliative and hospice care both essential aspects when delivering health care.


Certain health conditions may affect the patient in many ways. They don’t only limit one’s physical capacities; they also affect an individual’s emotional strength. And when all hope is lost, it’s easy for a person to find comfort and relief in the caregiver who provides true empathy and an understanding presence.

This is the core of both palliative and hospice care. While both work under the same purpose, they have differences that may confuse most people. In fact, palliative care is provided during hospice care, yet hospice care serves a more specific set of patients. To help you understand their nature further, check out this useful infographic by Cables and Sensors about hospice and palliative care.

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