Going on a Cruise Out of Miami? Read This Guide!

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A cruise out of Miami is the most relaxing way to unwind during the spring or summer. When you step out on the deck during the cruise, you’ll feel ocean breezes as the ship sails to its destination. A good Miami cruise will give you endless attractions to enjoy, both on the ship and in various cities by its ports of call. If you’ve never been, you really are missing out because a good cruise is a vacation unlike any other. In this guide, you’ll learn how to prepare for a short or long cruise after arriving in Miami.


Transportation Around Miami Before the Cruise


The best way to travel around Miami before a cruise is by using public transportation. When you need to visit a store or restaurant, hop on a bus. You get to see the city from a unique perspective, plus it’s only $2 to ride a bus in Miami. Miami can be an expensive place to visit, so this is definitely a win-win.


Thanks to the roads in Miami, the process of navigating the city by train is simple. The trains run through Miami to the north and south, and they have Wi-Fi. In order to ride the train, you’ll need an Easy Card since you can’t pay for a trip using cash.


Convenient Hotels Near Miami Port 


If you arrive in Miami ahead of time, consider staying at the Hyatt Regency Miami because it’s only 10 minutes away from the Port of Miami. Since cruises are notoriously indulgent affairs, you’ll benefit from working out at the hotel’s fitness center a bit beforehand. Or, just kick back and relax at the spa before your ocean trip.


The Holiday Inn is another ideal place to stay before taking a cruise since it’s only one mile from the Port of Miami. It also has a fitness center along with other features, such as free Wi-Fi and an outdoor swimming pool.


Food Worth Trying Before Boarding the Ship


There are several items that you must try before stepping on the ship. In Miami, the food scene attracts thousands of people. The city is known for its distinctive, fusion-heavy cuisine that includes fresh crab, fish tacos, bold Cuban sandwiches, and key lime pie.


If you’re only going to spend one day in Miami, order a delicious Cuban sandwich for lunch from Las Olas Cafe. El Exquisito also sells Cuban sandwiches; however, they’re much larger. One sandwich has enough meat for two people!


Cruise Tactics


A cruise ship has many dining spots where passengers can order either quick snacks or elegant dishes. If you want to sample the fancy food, don’t just bring your swimsuit. You should pack formal clothing, too, because most places on a ship that provide elevated cuisine have a strict dress code.


While you’re on the deck, you’ll see landscapes and buildings from a distant. You can admire these sites easier if you use a pair of binoculars; photography buffs will want to pack that long prime or zoom lens to capture the perfect shot.


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