Unconventional Date Nights

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All long-term couples settle into a routine after a while of being together. You know which restaurants you love and which ones will give you food poisoning. The movie theater closest to the mall is always packed, but the local one down the road plays three-dollar classics on Thursdays. You’ve both got date night down to a science…but the trouble is, you do the same things over and over again. Mix it up and do something different together. You will make new memories and you might find a new hobby that you enjoy as a couple!

Dinner Theaters

You might think that only drama enthusiasts visit dinner theaters, but that’s an incorrect assumption. Florida dinner theaters are a fun, out-of-the-box way for you and your partner to enjoy a meal while being part of a show at the same time. It’s a classic twist on the “dinner and a movie” schtick and you will have a good time while there!

Ghost Tours

Do you and your partner have an interest in the paranormal? If so, check online for local ghost tours of your city! There are many different varieties, from simple walking tours and ghost stories from local guides to actual ghost hunting adventures! Whether you believe or not, it’s a fun experience that will leave you shaking in your boots while learning about the history of the city.

Cook a Meal Together

Instead of spending money at an expensive restaurant, try your hand at preparing dinner together in the comfort of your own home. Pick a recipe and go shopping for ingredients together, and spend the evening chopping and sauteeing. A home-cooked meal always tastes the best, and sharing the experience with your loved one makes it even more special.

Take a Class

Expanding one’s knowledge is never a waste of time. There are plenty of classes that are offered locally and for not much money, so choose one together and enroll! It can be something adventurous (like rock climbing), something practical (dog training) or just for fun and picking up a new skill (pottery or art lessons). Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are both onboard to get you excited about your new endeavor.

Relationships are a neverending juggling act, and nights out together are one of those balls in the air. Instead of settling into the monotony of “same-old, same-old,” mix things up and do something offbeat for date night.

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