8 Travel Tips For Women Seasoned Travelers Swear By

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Samantha Feuss

These days there is a trend going on around the world where people want to travel. Especially solo trips have taken over the world with a storm. As we all know, women are not behind men and can do whatever they want. A recent survey by Booking.com proofs that 65% of women travel on their own.

Undoubtedly, traveling is fun, but you also must be health-conscious, especially when you are traveling alone and to a different country. Being a solo women traveler is tough. You have to take care of yourself. Buying an insurance policy will help you cover your travel and health-related problems. 

Moreover, you should also opt for travel insurance which has provisions for insuring your health in foreign land. Health insurance provision in the travel insurance will provide you financial support in case of hospitalization due to health issues. And you can enjoy the vacation without any trouble.

The idea of packing your bag and going on a solo trip might seem exciting, even natural (thanks to social media), going on a trip alone can be a bit challenging. 

But don’t let your fears hold you back! Here are some travel trips for a safe and comfortable solo female travel experience.

Do your homework

For many travelers, planning and researching are almost as fun as traveling! Take some time off from searching most beautiful beaches and coolest cities, take some time to look up safety information for where you are headed. Information like 

  • What are the exchange rate, customs restrictions, and visa requirements
  • How’s their public transportations system and are there certain taxis you should avoid
  • Which neighborhood you should avoid 
  • What cell phone plan you should buy
  • When it comes to your hotels, how are its rating for safety
  • What are their local customs and traditions so you can carry yourself accordingly

Also, you can avoid the outfits that scream “tourist!”. You can learn about there culture so that you can show as much respect you can. You can also try to learn some phrases and words in the local language; it makes a lot of difference.

Light packing

  • Use packing cubes to store your accessories and clothes. Packing cubes are inexpensive, light, and total game-changer in keeping things organized.
  • Secondly, pack clothes that can you can wear in multiple ways.

Also, you should carry a day bag in which you can fit all your relevant documents like:

  • Passport
  • Camera
  • Medication 
  • Credit cards 
  • Smartphone 
  • Jewelry
  • Other valuable essentials 

Make sure you take this bag with you everywhere. And also you should be carrying backup copies of all essential travel documents on your phone, computer, and in your luggage.

Share your itinerary

Always share your plan with someone whom you trust. ( a friend, family, or a colleague back home). Keep them informed about

  • Your accommodations 
  • Flight details 
  • Full itinerary
  • Credit cards 
  • Travel insurance  


  • Share reception’s number of your accommodation for emergency purposes.
  • Plan everything for a day and share it with your friends or family.
  • Connect with your loved ones via daily emails, texts, social media updates, or regular skype chats.

Sharing your itinerary with your loved ones will not only assuage the fears of your loved ones but also be useful in case of any trouble.

Trust your instincts 


  • If you are traveling alone, always trust your instincts.


  • If you are feeling something is off, walk away from that person or place immediately. 
  • Always trust your guts.
  • If you feel like you have every right to change hotels, get out of a cab, fly to a different city, or walk away from someone or someplace.
  • Always stay alert of your surroundings.   
  • Leave the area immediately if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

Moderate your alcohol consumption 

Getting drunk while you are traveling is a big no-no. Alcohol dulls your senses and slows your reaction time, which in turns make you vulnerable to others. That doesn’t mean you should altogether avoid drinking. You should take care of the following aspects:

  • Instead of drinking slowly, pace yourself.
  • Eat before and during drinking
  • Have a glass of water in between each drink
  • Always take drinks directly from the bartender
  • Resist the pressure to keep up with others, who might be able to drink more than you.
  • Limit your consumption
  • Make sure you have someone who can help you to go back to the hotel without being the target on the streets.   

Safety should be your priority 

You are in a different country, with a diverse society with a diverse background of people. Your preference should be your safety. Here are some safety rules that you can follow:

  • Travel during the daytime.
  • Avoid walking by yourself late at night.
  • Carry a safety whistle or pepper spray at all times.
  • Travel via cabs, prefer using Uber, Ola, or any other apps as they provide driver’s details.
  • Always carry your accommodations emergency number whenever you go out.

Get Travel Insurance 

Do you need travel insurance? Absolutely. It could save your life, and currently, with so many online providers, there’s no reason not to get it. Getting travel insurance can provide you loads of help. Some of which are mention below 

  • Whether your luggage is lost
  • You end up in a political coup
  • You end up in a natural disaster 
  • You need to go to the hospital while on the road
  • Or you are robbed 

Travel insurance will reimburse all your expenses and will provide you with the security you need.

If the very worst happens and you end up losing your life, right travel insurance will allow your family to bring your body home without paying tens of thousands of dollars and getting wrapped up in mountains of red tape.

In short, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you shouldn’t be traveling in the first place.

Spend some extra money on staying safe 

 It’s essential to have additional budget toward staying safe.

Let’s say your flight lands on a rough city late at night, in that case; you should spend more money on the guesthouse that will pick you up from the airport instead of taking a cheap bus into the town and trying to find a hotel on foot.

 It means paying more to stay in a central neighborhood with lots of lively activity instead of a cheaper, quiet residential area where you feel isolated.

Build an extra financial cushion into your trip and use it for situations like these — ones where you could be a little bit safer if you spent a little more.


                                     No Matter What Don’t Go Easy On Your Health 

Life is too short, so you should enjoy, experience and explore new things. But regardless of all these, you should never compromise with your health, especially on a foreign trip. Your normal health insurance may not cover hospitalization expenses in a foreign country. However, a travel insurance plan with health insurance cover may even give you cashless hospitalization benefit. You may ensure that health insurance covers women with specific health issues well.

If you are traveling solo, your travel insurance with women specific health insurance could be your best companion for a worry-free trip.

Stay insured! Stay happy!



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