Best tips meant to help new reborn parents

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Did you just buy your first reborn baby and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry; we got you covered! Today our special guests are the guys from the newest Reborn baby store in Brazil – Bebe Reborn Original who have 5 tips that will make you a better parent of your doll.

Being a reborn parent can be a real choir from time to time. You have to learn a lot of valuable lessons otherwise, there is a real chance you will damage your favorite baby. Luckily for you, there is nothing complex there and most things can be learned from a short article such as this.

So, don’t waste any time and start learning about the best ways of handling your baby!


  1. Think about the clothing

When you buy a reborn doll, in most cases you will get a set of clothing. These outfits are often generic with little to no charm to them. This can be really deflating as you want your babies to be presentable. This is especially true if you have a large collection or if you keep your babies in a cupboard. Of course, there is always an option of swapping clothes from time to time which is another reason why you need to increase your collection. Make sure to separate between boy and girl clothing as this is something that people will notice

  1. Be careful when cleaning the baby

Some women tend to go overboard when it comes to their reborn babies and their cleanliness. We strongly suggest against it. Unlike a real baby, there are some consequences if you overdo it with cleanliness. The paint is especially problematic as it can be affected by almost anything. Babies also have sensitive body made of cloth; if you soak it too much, it will start getting moldy which is the last thing you need. Strong chemicals can also be troublesome so make sure to simply wipe your baby with a clean tissue with a minimal amount of water being used

  1. It is much heavier than it seems

One of the things that new owners get wrong all the time is  baby’s weight and dimensions. For example, reborns are more similar to real babies than they are to dolls. In that sense, don’t be surprised if your arms start hurting after a while. They are full of pellets that make them similar to the real newborns but it is something you will get used. However, during the first few days, make sure to hold it properly as you don’t want your baby to fall down. Similar goes for its dimensions. Babies are very similar to real kids which is why you will have to take care of them when walking through doors and doing other activities. Try to avoid any type of negative exposure!

  1. Sunlight is a big problem

When talking about negative exposure, it is hard not to mention sunlight. As you might’ve presumed by now, leaving your doll in a direct sunlight can have a disastrous impact on its paint. In a way, it can completely ruin a masterpiece. Not only should you take care when walking it but you should also make sure that the nursery is facing the right side.

  1. Never leave your doll in a car

When people see a doll in a car, they instantly think that it’s a real baby. They will even break your glass in order to get it out. There were a lot of these cases in the past so be mindful of this. If you already want to take out your baby, make sure to put some cloth over it so that people can’t recognize what’s beneath it.

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