Why The Hospitality Industry Should Integrate Indoor Plants

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In today’s time, industries are becoming competitive. Why would the hospitality industry be any different? The hospitality industry is bustling with myriad categories, with the hotel industry being one of its important service component dedicated to providing leisure and exemplary experience to the customers. 

So, if you are into the hotel industry, you need to know the tricks of the trade to make your first impression count as well as to preserve your lead in the highly competitive hospitality industry. From keeping abreast with the changing scenarios to making your hotel a welcoming place to live, you have to stay on your feet because the guests who walk in the front door keeps changing.

Since years, a great emphasis has been placed on the interiors of the hotel, which makes it fundamental for hotel owners to find new ways of making the aesthetics of their hotels stand out from the rest. 

One of the tried and tested methods of enhancing the visual appeal of your hotel, to make the interiors look decadent, soothing, beautiful is to integrate indoor plants and trees in the vicinity. 

Read the below points to know why incorporating indoor plants into the hotel spaces give you an upper hand over your competitors.

1 Helps Make The Ambience Lively, Inspiring, and Welcoming: The reception and lobby areas the areas first visited by guests. Therefore, interior plants in these areas make for a good choice. Properly placed flowering plants in lobbies and reception area evokes a sense of luxury, warmth, and relaxation. Also, it adds to the ambiance of the setting. These are some of the key attributes important that will make your guests wanting to come again and again. 

2 To Witness High Ratings: Who wouldn’t want to taste the sweet nectar of success? Everyone wants to be at the top, especially if you are in a highly competitive hotel industry. Fresh plants, flowers are taken as important factors in the evaluation process of hotels and hospitality industry. Impressive plantscape can improve the environment, and moreover, can contribute to high star ratings.

3 Offers Psychological Wellness: Owing to the daily hum-drum, people wish to escape to a land that is soothing to their soul. According to studies, the addition of plants in hotel spaces creates a positive psychological effect. By bringing plants to your hotel interiors, you attract many stressed souls to your lap who needs wellbeing. As they experience the fruits of calmness, optimism, rejuvenation, and more, you create for your brand a healthy and satisfied customer base. 

4 Create A Homely Feeling: For people in the hotel industry, guests are their biggest asset. They are the reason for your existence. A way to maintain a lasting connection with your guests is to provide them with a home-like feeling. The display of live plants in rooms and balconies create a very positive and purifying ambiance to live in. Additionally, watching plants bloom during your stay gives a homely feeling, the key to sustaining existing customers and to attracting new ones to your space. 

Ultimately, the goal of every hotel is to ensure that their guests leave them with happy faces and heart. With the right aura combined with impeccable customer service, your guest will surely feel great. Indoor plants make your hotel look inviting, beautiful. Also, they delight the guests and they  want to come back again.

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