7 Things to Do So You Can Travel More Often

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Traveling is undeniably a fruitful experience. It allows you to explore new places, meet new people (and make new friends!), eat new kinds of food, see new sights, and learn new things. What’s even better is that the value of these “rewards” is usually greater than the money you’ve spent.

But that’s just it. Traveling does cost money. Depending on where you want to go and how often you want to travel, traveling can cost you tens, even hundreds of thousands of pesos. In addition, for a large number of Pinoys and even for some long-time travelers, money is not an unlimited resource.

Still, there are ways to save money before and while you’re traveling so you can then save even more money for future—or more frequent—trips. Here are some money-wise tips and other things to do so you can travel more often.

Start Local

It’s easy to feel envious of others who’ve visited so many places already, especially because of how social media amplifies every facet of travel. However, traveling doesn’t have to be somewhere abroad for it to “matter.” Start your dreams of becoming a jetsetter by visiting local destinations. The Philippines simply has so much in store! From Batanes to Siargao, you’ll have plenty of places to visit in the country. Even Subic can surprise you with the amount of activities to do and sights to see. Aside from being cheaper, which means you can travel more often, local travel also supports local industries. Win-win!

Skip the 5-Star Accommodations

Unless you’re planning a staycation consisting of burrowing in soft beds with thousand-thread-count sheets, you’ll probably be spending more time outside than in. This means that, for all intents and purposes, it’s wiser to skip the luxury accommodations and opt for more affordable options. Places like Ong Bun Pension House in Iloilo or July’s Haven Seaside Pension in Camiguin, for example, offer all the basic comforts. When it all comes down to it, a clean bed, ample ventilation, a working shower and toilet, and a reliable water supply are everything you need for a pleasant stay. 

Be Patient in Your Research

Patience is key when looking for travel deals. Don’t just click on the first offer you see, especially if it’s for a destination you’ve been wanting to visit. Check out a few more options before making a decision. If you end up going back to the first offer, then at least you know you’re choosing the best one. You should also visit travel websites and apps more often to check if they have promos that you can give you more value for money.

Find a Travel Buddy (or Buddies)

Solo travel has its own rewards. There are also instances when you just really want or need some time alone. However, there are also some perks to traveling in groups. For one, you can split the cost of a bigger hotel room and some transportation options like taxi or Uber/Grab rides. In terms of accommodations, larger groups have the option of renting an apartment or house with a working kitchen. This, in turn, can translate to savings in food expenses. There are also some attractions that offer discounted admission tickets for groups of, say, four, five, or more. Of course, not all of these are applicable all the time. For example, your schedule may not always align with those of your friends. Be sure to plan carefully and take the opportunity once it becomes available.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

It’s no secret that traveling gets more expensive, not to mention a bit more stressful, during peak seasons. This doesn’t only apply during school vacations or holidays like Christmas. Higher prices are also likely during time-specific events like festivals (Sinulog, anyone?) or even certain natural phenomena like the sakura bloom in Japan or autumn in Korea. If you aren’t planning to attend or witness such events, it’s wiser to book lock-in your travel dates during off-peak times. You may enjoy not just lower prices but also a more pleasant experience overall. Make sure to check travel sites and apps often, since they may have more offers and promos during these lean periods.

Don’t Fly Out of Main Airports 

More often than not, you’ll be paying more if you’re flying out of and/or arriving at main airports. To save some money, you may want to travel from and to “less convenient” airports when and where applicable. The cheaper flights can often make up for the extra cost of transportation and a little more time on your end. Be flexible and make sure to research diligently.

Choose Destinations with Favorable Exchange Rates

There are plenty of destinations where the Philippine peso can go a long way. Again, be patient in researching. If you’re lucky, you can find cheap tickets and affordable accommodations in places like Bali and Jakarta in Indonesia or Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

When it all comes down to it, saving money for travel is not entirely too difficult. You simply need a huge dose of discipline and motivation, along with some careful budget planning. Just keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll succeed. Good luck and bon voyage!

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