Best Beach Wedding Destinations

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Who doesn’t love the beach? It is definitely one of a child’s fondest memory. When folks think about going to the beach, it is usually done with a fond smile. The beach is often connected to a nice, long, and relaxing vacation where all worldly problems are thrown out of the window. 

Going to the beach is good for us, both physically and mentally. Soaking up the sunlight and getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D is important for your bodily functions. On top of that, going to the beach is usually associated with relaxation which everyone needs after going through the daily stresses of life. 

This is why Beach Weddings are one of the most popular types of weddings. Beaches offer a very chill and relaxing vibe while allowing you and your guests to relax. It is not a secret that planning weddings can be stressful. This is why couples opt for a beach wedding which also act as a vacation, sort of like the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here we have compiled a few of the best Beach wedding destinations around the world. Maybe you can find the venue for your own special day.


  • Bali, Indonesia


It would be a great disservice to this beach paradise to not be included in the list of the best beach wedding destinations around the world. Bali is a wonderful island surrounded by countless beaches. 

A beach wedding in Bali will surely be the talk of the town back at home as Bali weddings are one of the most beautiful weddings you can get. There is also a beach resort for everyone. For those who want to mingle and enjoy the nightlife after the ceremony, there is Kuta, which is always teeming with tourists. Couples who lean in more towards a more intimate type of wedding can find themselves a remote beach resort where they can have the best time of their lives secluded from people who they do not know.

These beach resorts also offer extreme water sports and diving which you and your guests will surely love doing before and after your wedding. When you go to Bali, get ready to create memories that will last you a lifetime.


  • Maldives


Luxurious yet extremely simple, the Maldives is composed of 26 atolls and over a thousand islands. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offer its visitors a taste of the good life.

Deciding to get married here is probably one of the best decisions you can ever make. The second you make a touchdown on Maldive soil, it is recommended that you forget all the problems from your life. This is a place of pure relaxation and guilty pleasures.

Your wedding will be a chill party filled with happy and relaxed guests, good food, and of course, stunning views. Maldivian cuisine is so unique that it is guaranteed that you will be leaving the wedding ceremony with an empty stomach.


  • The Bahamas Islands


The Bahamas Islands is one of the topnotch beach places that you can go to during your vacation. Anyone would be hardpressed to give a list of why one should not go to the Bahamas. Often described as paradise, the Bahamas Islands is made up of 700 islands surrounded by pristine beaches and mesmerizing blue waters. 

Because of its beauty, the Bahamas Islands was hailed as the leading Wedding Destination in 2015. A Bahamian Wedding is known to be lively, romantic, and intimate. Whatever your tastes are, the Bahamas Islands has something for you. Despite the millions of tourists that flock to the Bahamas every year, it doesn’t get too crowded.

The Bahamas Islands is also famous for its sinfully luxurious beach hotels that provide world-class accommodations and service. Indeed, you will be yearning to get back immediately once you’ve gone off this archipelago.


  • Punta Cana


In the Dominican Republic lies the gem of an island called Punta Cana. This place is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Top that with the perfect weather all-year-round and you’ve got a paradise just waiting for you and your wedding entourage to come. 

It is no secret that the locals of the Dominican Republic are very hospitable and caring ensuring that you get the best experience out of your stay. Punta Cana Wedding Destinations are becoming increasingly more common, owing to the fact that many are choosing to avoid the mainstream beach locations. 


  • Greece


Head over to where the stuff of legends come from. With windy weather and clear skies almost 365 days a year, Greece is a perfect wedding destination. Known as the birthplace of democracy and western civilization, it is already a known fact from all over the world that Greece is a paradise. 

Surrounded by immaculate beaches and elegant hotels, I guarantee that you will be able to get the destination wedding that you have been dreaming of. Greek Weddings are known to be full of liveliness and energy. 

If you and your partner are history aficionados and/or academics then Greece is definitely the right wedding destination for you. Even your guests will definitely enjoy this location. 


  • Goa, India


A wedding in Goa, especially if you do not have Indian blood, will certainly give you and your guests a new experience that you will never forget. Despite Goa being India’s smallest state, it is the country’s richest and most literate. While India gets a lot of bad rep, going to Goa will tell you the opposite. You will not find the hectic, hot, and smelly sceneries usually associated with India in western movies and TV shows here in Goa

Instead what you will find is a laidback nirvana. Here, you and your wedding entourage can enjoy at its many golden beaches. Goa also showcases a hodgepodge of Portuguese, Indian and British culture which definitely boosts its exotic atmosphere.

The nightlife in Goa will also not be beaten, giving you and your guests something fun to do when the sun sets. Shopaholics will also find that Goa is one of those places that sell the most interesting of stuff for only a fraction of the price in the West.

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