How to be Safe when Visiting the Beach

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For many people, a vacation is never complete without a visit to the beach. Beaches offer beautiful views of the sea, amazing breeze, and lots of sunshine. What’s more, you get an opportunity to enjoy fun water activities. However, there are many risks involved. In this post, we shall discuss tips to help you stay safe while on the beach. 

Know the Risks

Water and beach conditions vary depending on your location. Whether you’ll traverse through Labuan Bajo to Komodo or will explore other beaches, knowing the risks is critical. Here are tips to help you stay safe and get maximum experience during your vacation. 

Wear Sunscreen and Drink a Sufficient Amount of Water

Sunny beaches can be irresistible. However, if you’re not careful you can get severe sunburn and heatstroke. You’ll suffer more if you come from a region with minimal sun rays and high latitude. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. The sunscreen should have SPF 15, and you should apply it on your skin once you’re done swimming. You may want to apply it after every two hours if you’re not swimming. Additionally, drink sufficient amounts of water and avoid alcohol where possible. 

Monitor Local Weather and Warnings

Remember, the ocean is susceptible to change anytime. In the event of strong winds, aggressive waves will form in the ocean and this can be risky. Monitor the local weather and beware of any warnings. 

This will help you determine whether or not the beaches are safe. If you have no access to any local weather listings, consult with your hotel or resort. If you must visit the beaches, do so in the company of a lifeguard. Where possible, avoid the beach until the waves subside.

Always Wear a Life Jacket 

Whether you’re a swimmer or not, wear a life jacket, especially when swimming in unfamiliar territory. A life jacket comes in handy should you lose balance and fall in the water. It will prevent you from drowning until help finally arrives. Before wearing the personal flotation device, ensure it is Coast Guard approved and well-fitting.  

Avoid Swimming Alone 

Spending some time alone can be therapeutic. While you may want to go out swimming on your own, you could expose yourself to danger. If possible, find someone to accompany you to the beach especially if you plan to go swimming.  

Alert People About Your Whereabouts 

In some private beaches, you may need to complete an information form detailing what you plan to do. This is necessary and comes in handy in case anything happens and people need to trace you. Remember, the sea is risky and many things may happen when you’re out having fun. Have a clear schedule and leave it at the information desk.  

Include a Travel Medical Kit in Your luggage 

Small accidents are likely to happen while you’re on vacation. From stepping on sharp objects to getting cuts from broken bottles, you need to be cautious. To be on the safe side, you can opt to pack waterproof beach slippers for enhanced protection. Not only are they cheap, but they take little space in your suitcase.  

If you suffer an accident, ask a lifeguard to assist or utilize your travel medical kit to get relief. It’s worth noting that travelers insurance comes in handy if you become sick while on vacation. The service provider will send a rescue team to you who will help you find a good doctor. 


If you’re going to enjoy your time at the beach, remember you’ll be exposed to harmful sun rays. This is why you should use sunscreen on your skin to protect your skin. What’s more, ensure you have enough drinking water to keep your body and skin well hydrated. Don’t forget that your eyes need to be protected as well. You can purchase some good quality sunglasses for this purpose. 


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