How to safely enjoy the benefits of CBD as a parent

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In this new age of an entire society that is shifting more towards natural therapies rather than pharmaceutical options, one of the most popular products that have taken the spotlight is CBD oil. Though it certainly sounds terrific to have access to therapeutic relief using elements that are easily accessible without a prescription, it is essential to understand all the possibilities that might occur from making such a decision. Here we will talk about what CBD is, where it comes from, it’s potential as a medicine, and the risks to consider before taking CBD oil or considering using it for your kids. All while clearing the air surrounding some of the most detrimental and incorrect myths that have been spreading the globe about this exciting chemical compound. 


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one chemical component from the cannabinoid family that is extracted and used for both recreational and medical purposes. It exists in the natural oils that some plants produce, and it harvested using several different methods of extraction. 


What type of plant species is CBD extracted from? 

CBD is one of well over 100 cannabinoids and terpenes that are produced by marijuana plants, but it is found in the highest concentrations amongst industrial strains of hemp. These plans are the ideal base for the extraction of this cannabinoid since they produce minimal traces of THC, which is the psychoactive element that provides the euphoric high that is so often associated with recreational marijuana use. Though cannabis plants used to also produce reasonable levels of CBD, it has been bred out of the genetics from generations of growers whose primary customer base consisted of recreational consumers. 


The felt effects of CBD

When you ingest CBD, the results might not be exactly what you were expecting, especially if you had initially assumed that CBD oil was extracted from cannabis plants. Since industrial hemp strains contain such small amounts of THC, chances are you won’t feel too much of anything right away, as it is not psychoactive so it will not interfere with operating a motor vehicle, or other daily parental responsibilities. When you do notice new sensations, they will be light and enjoyable, and for the most part, by the absence of a feeling rather than a whole new one. The pain will diminish as the inflammation dies down, which is one of the main reasons that patients turn to CBD oil, but the effects can take days, weeks, and even months to truly be felt. 


How CBD is used

CBD can be used in many different ways, from taking measured doses when a problem or symptoms suddenly arises or multiple times a day as a supplement and preventative measure. It is taken in various amounts, and there is no one size fits all dosage recommendation because each person will react differently to the same dose, and they will often have varying severity in felt symptoms. This makes the adventure of learning the perfect treatment a bit of an experiment, which is why microdosing is almost always recommended for beginners. Smaller amounts will be less likely to cause any type of adverse effects, and larger doses can affect the consumers quality of sleep if taken too late in the evening, so it’s a good idea to start slow and gently increase the amount that is used until you find the ideal dosage for you. 


The benefits of CBD 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is similar to compounds that our bodies already naturally produce to control normal bodily functions such as hunger or sleepiness. This is why it works so incredibly well to relieve a broad range of symptoms from conditions including but not limited to those that are listed here below. 


– Anxiety

– Addiction

– Heart health

– Diabetes 

– Appetite 

– Acne

– Chronic pain

– Epilepsy

– Glaucoma

– Insomnia

– Loss of appetite

– Nausea 

– Parkinson’s disease 

– Muscle spasms 


Possible adverse effects of CBD oil

Though CBD can be incredibly beneficial for treating many different conditions and diseases, it is possible to experience side effects. Typically, this is caused by consuming large quantities of the cannabinoid, so it is rare but possible to see less than ideal results. However, CBD is non-toxic, so though it may cause some uncomfortable feelings, you will not overdose, and these sensations are generally short-lived. Here are all the reported possible adverse effects that you might encounter while using CBD. 


– Mood shift

– Diarrhea

– Changes in appetite

– Dizziness 

– Dry mouth

– Drowsiness

– Vomiting

– Nausea 


The different kinds of CBD products 

CBD oil is by far the most popular treatment option, but many others can suit different needs. These are all the most common CBD products that you might find on the market today. 


CBD oils 

There are three different types of CBD oil to choose from, and it is vital to recognize which one you buy so that you know how to use it appropriately as well as knowing what CBD oil feels like. One is CBD infused cooking oils that are meant for making CBD edibles and other delicious infused dishes. The second one is a thick and highly concentrated version that is intended for oral ingestion, and the third is also thick and meant for smoking or vaping. 


Smokable CBD concentrate  

CBD concentrates can take many forms, but in this case, we are referring to smokable options like budder, wax, and shatter. All of which can be smoked or vaped for quick and easy ingestion.  


CBD vape juice 

CBD vape juice may come in a small squeeze bottle, or inside of a cartridge, and no matter which one you try, these should not be used for anything other than vaping. The CBD oil is mixed with another agent to liquify it to the point that it is efficiently consumed are typical vaping temperatures. If you buy this CBD product and don’t own a vape than there isn’t much that it can be used for. 


CBD edibles 

CBD edibles are made using CBD oils or tinctures and can take any form. Though CBD candy is one of the most popular options, you can make anything into a CBD infused edible. From popsicles, smoothies, and baked goods to elegant three-course meals. The possibilities are only limited by your ingredients on hand and imagination. 


CBD tinctures  

CBD tinctures are made by using alcohol to extract the cannabinoid from the plant materials. These cannot be smoked and are typically taken pure or mixed into cocktails or juice. 


CBD capsules 

CBD capsules are taken orally with liquid and are generally filled with pure CBD oil. 


CBD spray  

CBD spray is often taken orally, but there are now some options that are meant for topical use, so be sure to inspect the instructions before you make a purchase. These are often made by adding water or other supplements to THC oil so that it liquifies to the point that it can be used in a spray bottle without clogging it up. 


CBD beauty products 

CBD bath bombs, sun lotions, makeup, face wash, facemasks, and more are now being made with CBD oil. 


CBD ointment

Ointments and salves that are CBD infused are meant for topical use. This provides consumers with an excellent option in situations where the pain is only in one area, and a sort of spot treatment would be more beneficial and direct than oral ingestion. 


CBD crystals

CBD crystals are the purest CBD isolate available on the market today, which also makes them the most potent. Though you won’t find these made in some guys basement due to the extensive process required to form them, they make the perfect addition to any CBD consumers collection as they can be smoked, vaped, eaten pure, or easily mixed into drinks or recipes with no preparation necessary. 


Is CBD safe for children?

Now that you know about the most popular CBD products that are on the market today, it is time to ask the difficult question you have all been waiting for. Are CBD products safe for kids? The truth is that the answer will depend on who you ask. Children are just as susceptible to possible adverse effects as adults are, and smaller, so it takes a lower dose to produce the same results, but in general, CBD products are non-toxic and relatively safe except for tinctures that come paired with high alcohol content. 


Should you give CBD oil to your kids? 

This is an incredibly personal decision that should be overseen by a medical professional, and the answer will depend on the type of issue that your child is facing. Often a dose of CBD is much safer than many of the pharmaceuticals that are overprescribed today, but it is always recommended that you speak with your family physician before starting a treatment with CBD products, as they do have the potential to affect the efficacy of some other prescription medications. 


Tips for buying high-quality CBD oil 

Now that you know how to use CBD oil, and the possible effects that this element might have, it is time to focus on the quality of the products that you buy. Whether it’s CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD creams, or any other type of concentrates, you should always follow these three basic rules to ensure that the ingredients inside are exactly as they appear. 


Third party testing 

When choosing a CBD product supplier, one of the first things that you should look for is quality testing scores that have been provided by a third-party company. Most reputable vendors will willingly provide this information, as it is required by federal regulation and peace of mind for potential consumers. 


Type of plant materials used in its making  

It is essential to recognize that much of this industry still operates in a sort of a grey area. Where they aren’t precisely following standard protocols, which can influence your experience with a CBD product. Though pure CBD oils should always be derived from hemp plants, some companies will process cannabis oil instead, and leave out the THC content label. This is not an issue you should ever run into when dealing with trusted vendors, but it is a possibility that you should be aware of, as these oils can get you high and produce unexpected sensations and effects. 


Buy regulated products

Whether you buy CBD online or in store, you should always be careful to select companies that have thoroughly regulated and approved products. This is especially important because though hemp strains do generally produce much less THC, regulated CBD oil will contain no more than 0.3% which ensures a psychoactive free experience. 


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