Uplift The Interiors With Summer Flowering Plants

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Perhaps, you are the adorer of the most beautiful natural creations to exist on the planet earth– flowers. Their exuberance, sweet smell, and silky touch, never fails to impress any heart. Bursting in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they effortlessly charm the exteriors and interiors of any place. Every season welcomes the arrival of significant flowers. With summer season beating us with its heat and humidness, let’s plant flowering plants to have a breath of freshness and radiance. 

Here’s your guide to 10 summer flowering plants in India that you can bring home or gift it to your loved ones as a present of happiness, beauty, and nourishment. 

1 Lilies: The bell-shaped lilies bloom in striking colors of red, pink, white, yellow, and orange throughout the summers. The delicate lilies can excellently survive the harsh conditions of hot summers. And, you know why they can survive? They prevent the loss of moisture by letting the leaves dry and keeping the bulb alive. 

2 Marigold: Marigold is a popular flower in Indian homes because it goes perfectly with every Indian climate. The marigold flowers appear in varying shades ranging from light yellow to golden brown. It serves a handful of purposes as well. So, plant it in your home, and it shall grace you, throughout. 

3 Roses: Roses may be available all round the year, but it is a summer woody flower. With good care and maintenance, you can grow in your backyard buds of love, gratitude, and passion– the rose flower. And, if you wish to feel the pleasant smell of roses, you need to start your preparations before the onset of summers. 

4 Hibiscus: Hibiscus is an ideal flowering plant for summers because it demands ample sunlight, something which Indian citizens are naturally blessed in hot weather of summer. Keep in mind that it also requires plenty of space to grow. Ensure you give it all it wants, and it will flourish to its highest potential, for you. 

5 Lotus: If you have a garden with an artificial pond, then you are good to go with watering plants like lotus flowers. Lotus flowers thrive in subtle pinks and white colors that is sure to escalate the beauty of your garden to newer heights. If you are thinking to beautify your garden, consider lotus flower pot. 

6 Sunflower: The name says it all. When it’s summertime, it’s also the time for you to give a vibrant makeover to your balcony with sunflowers. With its bright yellow colour, it makes space look more lively to be in. Sunflowers can withstand extreme summer heat, so you need to be careful with excessive watering. 

7 Petunia: Are you on the lookout for low-maintenance and bright summer flowers? Well, petunia can be your choice. It blossoms in an assortment of colors like pink, blue, red, orange, and yellow, thus making your space look colorful. 

With these colorful flowering plants, have a cheerful and brightful summers. 

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    I love flowering plants, especially lilies.

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